How do I get my recent video to become a "suggested" video?

Hi guys! I need some help. How can i get my recent video to become a suggested video? My recent videos have been on the suggested list and I know this because people would comment they came from the suggested thing. You know what I mean. How can I get all of my videos especially my most recent upload to be on the suggested? If you watch it you can see I put a lot of work into the video.
There's a million factors.
You need to be providing more watch time for a certain keyword than other channels in your genre...That's the most basic answer.
If your video is about chocolate milk, and it has an engaging thumbnail that people click, thereby leading to a longer watch time on your chocolate milk video and a longer session time watching other chocolate videos, then YouTube will suggest your video.

If you feel overwhelmed, start researching SEO and watch time.
it is mainly tags. If I make a video I usually search the keyword in youtube search that I want to rank in and copy the top video's tags. From there I pick and chose the ones that relate to my content the most and add new ones. If I run out of ideas I do other keywords in search and repeat.
I can't prove it but my last 2 videos have broken thru to the top of the search and I made sure the search term is repeated in each tag. So for example, breaking through on "dogs" put dogs on each tag followed by other words so that the 10-15 tags all have dogs in them. That kind of how it worked for me but again, can't prove it. Just explained what I did and what happened