What's A Good Service To Get intros?

I wanna know where a good intro making service is at. I have tried some before but I wasn't sure if there was any other service that's better or has a lot of customization options. Feel free to link me to a good service and I'll check it out.
I've made intros for about 5 for people here on YTTalk.

Whatcha need? I charge nothing and so far I've got an 100% customer satisfaction

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There are a lot of importable templates for Sony Vegas Pro you can download off of youtube videos if you have Sony Vegas
To be honest i would simply look up free into yt on youtube. You will find many great options. When tyou have found something that you like you can just export it and add it on to your videos. If you do not find anything ion there that you like, which i highly doubt, you can use some other service..