Gaming Any Black Ops 3/ FPS youtubers interested in a skype call?

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i'm looking to meet new people who also do FPS gameplay on youtube for a skype call.

it can be anything from multicod, to CS:GO, battlefield, etc etc. anything along the lines of it!

i'm interested in sharing ideas, helping each other grow, maybe collab, encouragement, etc etc... with people of the same interests.

if you're interested, let me know!
I'm quite interested, though I first would like to know exactly what CODs you have, and what systems you have them on.

I do have CS:GO for the PC, and I am curious of if you have Star Wars Battlefront, if so what system?
Firstly I'd like to say that I, myself am generally boring when I'm alone which is why the majority of my solo Videos will be scripted but this does change when I'm around Company.

Secondly I'd like to point out I don't post content daily, I want to spend time working on Cinematics i.e. for my Videos and where I'm new to it... it's a slow process which is why I've only uploaded one video recently.

Thirdly I'd like to say I've checked out some of your Videos and feel your content is extremely well made, I'm up for a Collab or something sometime!

My Social:
Skype: live:shaunasmc
Twitter: @Official_Azerax

On a Side Note I have a PC, PS4 and XB1 so I can record on any of them as I have the proper equipment, I do not have the Subscriptions on PSN or XBL at the moment though as they expired recently and I haven't got the money to get them back yet.
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