I'm not familiar with the software in question and I may have read your post wrong so forgive me if this isn't what you were trying to say but - so you're recording and it's picking up your voice twice, once from the software itself, and once from your chat client? If so, just let it just record the chat client alone and get your voice from there.

If your chat client is picking up click sounds and mouse sounds etc then the best way to fix that is to configure some kind of push to talk, and only push the button when saying something. That way if there are any background sounds they're drowned out by your voice, and when you're not talking there are no clicking sounds etc. This is good practice in general too even if you're not recording since it means the people you're voice chatting with aren't hearing you mashing away at your keyboard.
That's a weird issue, is your microphone being pick up twice then? Make sure this is set to do nothing (right click on sound and click playback devices). This will stop windows adjusting your volume when on any VOIP however I don't think this will fix your issue but this should be turned off either way so give it a try. Also make sure that skype and OBS audio outputs is being sent through the same default devices,
Okay I think I understand the potential issue now. Are you using speakers or headphones to listen to your friends? Because if you're using speakers, then the microphone will be hearing their voices too, and while they won't be very loud the noise gate is probably detecting them as if they were your voice and so leaves the mic on all the time when *anyone* is speaking.

An easy way to deal with this would be to use headphones when chatting with people, and make sure their voices come over headphones. That way the only voice your microphone will be able to hear is yours not theirs, so the noise gate should block everything other than you speaking.

If I understood your problem correctly then I had the same issue a while back when I used to game with friends and we'd be on voice chat together. I also had software that would detect when I was talking - but because their voices came over the speakers, the software thought every time *anyone* talked that I was talking, and so my mic would just be going through the whole time and annoying everyone.

I initially fixed this by using headphones, but I had crappy headphones at the time so I switched to using push to talk instead and assigned one of the extra mouse buttons on my mouse to be push to talk so it would be easy enough to press mid game in FPSes/MOBA etc. So yeah in short try using headphones :)
I always use headphone when I talk to people over voice chat. Whether I'm gaming/recording or not. I don't want them echoing and hearing themself over and over.
So that's not the issue.
It won't be a simple thing cuz if it was I would've already found out what was causing it.
It's just that for some reason skype/curse/etc shuts out my noise gate on OBS which if you know what a noise gate is, what obs is (or any other program that uses it) that shouldn't be a thing.
I've very proficient on OBS but I've never come across this noise gate problem problem before. When I end up recording I edit my voice through audacity afterwards when editing within Vegas. This allows me to remove background noise and add filters to my voice. I cannot find anything on the internet where someone has faced this issue before. I can try to use teamviewer to help you but this issue seems more complicated than that. I don't wanna pry and say that it may be set up wrong cause I'd like to see for myself and that would make me sound rude. I'd also recommend deleting OBS and getting the better version called OBS multiplatform since you can just right click on sources and add filters to your voice now or just simply edit the audio through audacity after recording. Hope you figure it out always here to help out
I actually had OBS multi but I'm not a fan of it. I mostly found it interesting cuz of the multiple sound sources you can use and eventually edit but not all editing software makes this possible for example, camtasia 8 doesn't recognize the different sources and only a single sound source is editable.
Just for the record, I use camtasia cuz I've been using it for years, it's really easy and it has allowed me to do everything I wanted to do so far without being to ... messy. I tried out vegas and other software but they just didn't feel right.

I'll probably mess around with settings in obs as well as the voice chat software I use to see what the problem might be.
It might be possible the skype/curse/etc suddenly changes the output of the sound to my mic (since it has a build in headphone socket), but originally the sound comes trough my headphones and only trough my headphones.
Well thing is you can do this when you have multiple audio sources and extract the audio using windows
you get the MP3 files if obs multi is set up properly which you can then drag into camstasia or edit through audacity first then drag it into camstasia. Vegas is renowned for it rendering capabilities and quality output which is why a lot of people use it. It looks to me like your going for ease of use and that's fine since your probably better at using camstasia. I always move on to better software and learn about it especially if that software is going to offer me more options as opposed to using something to ease of use but that's just me I like learning new things.
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