1. G


    Ok. I will not change my mind, I have already applied, my account status is now in "Application Submited (Parents Must Sign Contract)" which they did, and I have already digitalized the contract I have it on my PC, now: HOW DO I SEND THE DIGITALIZED CONTRACT BACK TO CURSE??? Please...
  2. ProjectJamesify

    Curse Union for Gamers Network Revenue

    Hi there, I have been partnered with Curse Union for Gamers for a while now. They seem to do everything just the right way. However, why is ANYBODY partnered with ANY network? Do these guys actually pay out more or am I giving them 10% of my cut for some music and a crappy dashboard? If...
  3. J

    How does Partnership work now days?

    Hi, I've previously had a Partnership directly through Youtube where I would monetize each video individually and it would go through a process of review and either get approved or denied. Is this still the case? I have a small gaming channel with around 2k subscribers, and I just recently left...
  4. P

    Curse MCN payment problem

    Hey guys, anybody with curse union for gamers h*%ere? I noticed om the curse dashboard that on september, thy are going to pay less than what i am supossed to get (they take only 10% of the cut). The thing is, the forums of the page have been taken down (s know why), and i tried contacting them...
  5. L

    Should I leave ScaleLab and join Curse network ?

    hey. So I joined Scalelab on December 2015 ( I joined VouStudios but since with new YT policy I'm transferred to scalelab) so far I didn't actually had any problems. They pay in time, support is good, forums is a bit dead though, their CPM is pretty good ($9-$10). But I really wanted to join...
  6. Jayjay1k

    Questions about Curse - too good to be true?

    i posted exactly all this stuff on curse's forum but i'd like YTTalk's communit take on this too if you wouldn't mind, as i know this is a Fantastic community. Hello people! :) i've heard wonderful things about the curse network and it's revenue 90/10 thingymadoodie. Also that old partners had...
  7. Terminator BDs

    Is UGN good or bad?

    Hello there I was planning to join a new network after leaving my current and all I was thinking about is curse because I have a gaming channel and I thought it was good for gaming + a high rev share. But I came across a network called Ultimate Gaming Network (UGN) I saw a video of someone...
  8. The SlowSpawn

    Gaming PC Games (Probably heard this one before)

    Hey im Jake im 16 I do more playing than recording but yeah. Anyways I'm just looking for people to play with possibly record with all you need are the following: 14+ Decent Mic Ability to obtain PC games such as Dota 2 and or World at War CURSE VOICE PLEASE!!! no skype i just.. no Be online at...
  9. Kada

    Curse or Omnia Media or Polaris

    Hello people! I would be super happy if you can anwser my questions or just reply to this thread to help me little bit :)! Is it true that these three partnerships are greatest for gaming? Is Polaris the BEST partnership for gaming? Omnia Media or Curse? Can you tell me your experince with...
  10. Kada

    Best gaming partnership? [PLEASE READ]

    I have some questions and I would be very happy if you anwser them! :) 1.Is Polaris best gaming partnership? What are the requiments? How I can join Polaris Partnership? Do I need to join MakerGen and when I get very big then I get Invite from Polaris? 2.MakerGen or Curse or Fullscreen? DO you...
  11. Y


  12. The SlowSpawn

    Gaming Pc Gaming Contacts

    Would like to increase the number of people I record with I have Gmod, CS:GO, Depth, Space Engineers, Hidden Source, GTA 5, World at War (for the zombies), and many more games ( I can also purchase more). I have a youtube channel that's at 181 subs atm (although I hide the count for specific...