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Hi there,

I have been partnered with Curse Union for Gamers for a while now. They seem to do everything just the right way.

However, why is ANYBODY partnered with ANY network? Do these guys actually pay out more or am I giving them 10% of my cut for some music and a crappy dashboard?

If anybody has done any analysis on revenue with this network (whether or not it's more than just standard Adsense), please let me know. I see no point of staying if all they do is take 10% and offer nothing of value in return.

They claim to have 'gamer orientated ads' but I'm not sure about it.

(Seriously, why does literally every big YouTuber need a network - I DON'T GET IT. Even after reading tons of information on networks already).


Little bit offtopic:
Since you are partnered with Curse, I could use your feedback on my topic .. help aprecciated. :)
If U watch my profile U will find topic. ;) Tnx.


Two of my very close YT friends were partnered with adsense before this youtube crysis, and when was 70-30 split. One had like 280-300€ a month. He was super happy with adsense, and in that time he told me that he earns more with adsense then network. Didn't talk with him for some time, but he said that adsense was cool before youtube crysis.

Second guy is also partnered with adsense, and he made like 220€ last month, which is super cool, couse he has only one video. He was never in network, so I can't comment about that.

But both are makin' livin' out of it. They pay some bilds.

From what I know: google adsense pays in 3 ways:
For high-developed countries - U can have payment direct on your bank account.
For low-developed countries - Western Union or you wait for checkue for 3-4 weeks to get on your adress. U need to have ID card with you when U get checkue.
And U can't raise cash from adsense, before you have ~80-100€, don't know number. To verify your account, U need first earn 100€, and then you recieve PIN number on your adress. If you lose that number, you can have only 3 times delivered it on your adress. And U can have only 1 adsense on 1 real life name.

Hope this helps.

But for my perspective:
My dream was always like two things in terms of partnership. Curse/Union for gamers or Adsense. So I know the dilema.