1. N

    My CPM is at $0.00 for 3 days - Is it Normal?

    Hello everyone, I recently got my channel monetized and for the last 3 days my CPM is at 0.00$ but there are still ads running on the videos. Any info on this is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards, Naga
  2. Leal

    How different is your cpm from your rpm?

    How different are these two from another on average?
  3. Leal

    What is the average RPM of kids channels at the moment?

    What is the current rpm?
  4. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Increase Your CPM Adsense Earnings on Youtube

    How to increase your adsense cpm ads rate and earn more money on YouTube - YouTube adverts can earn you a little extra money on the side, but did you know it can be affected by what you talk about, how many adverts you show and what niche you are in?!
  5. Noria

    $6k at 2 million views?

    Hello, Over the past 30 days my channel has gained close to 3 million views but I only get paid about $2k a month. I have a friend who gets paid significantly more but has less views than me. He gets paid about $6k from YouTube and has only gained 2 million views this month. How come? Does...
  6. MPigeon99

    My CPM is very low! :(

    Here's the problem: I earn an incredibly low amount of money for the number of views I get. My CPM used to be just $0.5 and now it's even more tragic ($0.3!!). Everyone is so excited when Christmas comes around because they get a ridiculously high CPM during that time frame, yet for me it simply...
  7. MPigeon99

    Why are my earnings so extremely low ($14.3 for 80k views)?

    I monetized my videos on Friday and since then I've got 80k views but AdSense shows my total earnings are only $14.3 which is pretty bad for that amount of views imo. My classmate has got like $15 for 20k views if I'm not mistaken. The stats are like this: page views = 80352, impressions...
  8. F

    Tip for channel 300k with low CPM

    Hello everyone, I have a problem I'd like to solve thanks to your advice. I have an active channel of 300k subscribers, with more than 2 videos per day of 1-2 minutes. (during the week also 2-3 videos of 4-5 minutes). Months ago, my CPM was $ 2 In July, I had a meltdown and the CPM went down to...
  9. ProjectJamesify

    Curse Union for Gamers Network Revenue

    Hi there, I have been partnered with Curse Union for Gamers for a while now. They seem to do everything just the right way. However, why is ANYBODY partnered with ANY network? Do these guys actually pay out more or am I giving them 10% of my cut for some music and a crappy dashboard? If...

    Partnership or YouTube!?

    While on YouTube I've always figured getting a partnership was the way to go but I don't know the right answer. Should I get partnered or stick with youtube paying me? Does anyone know the CPM of YouTube? Is it still called AdSense?
  11. avilsd

    What's your CPM? (Kid-friendly channels)

    For my personal channel (obviously it's adult content) here are my stats: Lifetime: Playback Based CPM - $4.16 and normal CPM $3.45 Past 28 days: Playbacked - $4.91 Normal - $4.03 And this is of course just using the analytics tool (which means it only counts monetized views), so by going off...
  12. ChimpTv

    Huge CPM!!

    £84.22 CPM, not bad considering I only got 55 views in 24 hours haha. Only 6 monetised playbacks?! Just need a 1000 views now :p
  13. UKHypnotist

    CPM Per Individual Video

    Have any of the members ever checked the CPM on individual videos, rather than the general channel CPM? Attached are two current CPM report pages; one for a video I uploaded on the 22nd of this month, and the second for a video I uploaded at nearly the same point in 2016. Past my bedtime now, so...
  14. Alejandro

    Display ads & Skippable video ads CPM Issue

    I am running a prank channel. So my videos has everytime like 50-80K views and every vid has mostly 10K Estimated playbacks.sometimes lower I would like to know why most of my videos has the percentage of like 90% 10% : The Display Ads with ~0,50$ CPM 90% Skippable Ads 6-9$ CPM 10% -->...
  15. RemusYouTube

    Weird CPM difference.

    Hey there, my name is Remus and I mostly do LOL videos, since WOW Legion was released I started playing it a lot again and I have made 2 videos with the game. The thing is, the CPM on those 2 videos is HUGE, at least compared to the LOL videos, why so? /watch?v=zW4XhlHGBzo this one that isn't...
  16. KeniisuYT

    A Little New to Monetization. Is this normal?

    My Estimated Earnings as well as my CPM for my channel dropped gradually over a few days going from Estimated Earnings of around the $4.00 range to $1.10. The CPM also dropped from around $6.51 to like $3.01. I'm not sure on exact numbers, but I believe they were close to those listed. Anyways...
  17. Redford1900

    Have your CPM's increased lately?

    My CPMs are 4-5 times higher since I stopped monetizing my new uploads at the beginning of March. I'm not sure if not monetizing resulted in higher CPMs or it is a coincidence. Have your CPMs increased since February/March timeframe?
  18. Redford1900

    Is there a reason why my CPM has increased since I have stopped monetizing?

    I stopped monetizing my new videos at the beginning of March. I wasn't making much money and I didn't want to discourage anyone from watching my videos. Since the beginning of March my CPM has tripled. Could these two things be related (I don't fully understand CPM) or just coincidence? Have...
  19. Switchbox

    What is RPM, and what is good RPM?

    I was just looking at my adsense page, and it said something about RPM. What is the difference between that and CPM? And what are both of those? xP
  20. CubizFIFA

    How Does CPM affect RPM?

    Does CPM affect the YouTuber's RPM? If so, How?
  21. E

    300.000 views/day - Any MCN with fixed RPM

    Hi guys, i am getting 300.000 daily views and growing, but i think my RPM is low: 0,27€ average. My views are mainly from Mexico, Spain, EEUU and Argentina. My CPM is 2,77$, and i think is not bad, because my demography and because my channel is kids oriented. So i think the problem is the...
  22. CubizFIFA

    500 Monthly Views with $33.00 CPM?

    I am partnered with VOUStudios and I think they may have "scammed" me. For some reason My CPM last month was incredibly high at about $33.00 and that month I got around 500 views. But instead of getting $16.50 like I think I should have ($33.00 divided by 2) I earned about $0.50. Anyone have an...
  23. KidCom

    Earning abnormaly

    Hi, So probably everyone agrees that CPM is usually significantly lower in January. In my case, it has been cut into less than half. The problem is: it keeps decreasing even though the amount of views per day is increasing and remains bigger compared to previous month. Also, wake up today and...
  24. digitalsoju

    How accurate are the estimated earnings?

    Hey guys, I was wondering how accurate the estimated earnings are on youtube. Recently I put out my first viral video and it hit over a million views (1,424,762 views at the time of this posting). When I go under google analytics, it says I've only made around $600 which seems quite low for the...
  25. E

    Low paying rates - Highest paying YouTube network?

    Hey guys, I am running a channel making about 15k views per month (I know, not too much, but still) and I get about 1,1$ per month, which means I get like >0,1$ for 1k views which is pretty bad I guess That's why I wanted to ask if theres that one 'most paying YouTube network"?. Thank you!
  26. Kada

    Best gaming partnership? [PLEASE READ]

    I have some questions and I would be very happy if you anwser them! :) 1.Is Polaris best gaming partnership? What are the requiments? How I can join Polaris Partnership? Do I need to join MakerGen and when I get very big then I get Invite from Polaris? 2.MakerGen or Curse or Fullscreen? DO you...
  27. saba

    Reflict Network Review - Is really best youtube partnership network ?

    so i applied reflict network 3 month ago and i wanna tell you that this network is best and i highly recommended this network to everyone. first i like in this network is No Requirement. when i join in reflict my daily views was just 20-30 and No one accepted me,but reflict accept my channel and...