A Little New to Monetization. Is this normal?


My Estimated Earnings as well as my CPM for my channel dropped gradually over a few days going from Estimated Earnings of around the $4.00 range to $1.10. The CPM also dropped from around $6.51 to like $3.01. I'm not sure on exact numbers, but I believe they were close to those listed. Anyways, this happened gradually over the course of a week (With the numbers dropping.) and it confused me quite a bit. Is this normal and will occur often, or is there something that I should do about this as it isn't a normal occurrence? Also, if it's possible, can you explain why this occurs? Thanks and have a great day readers! :)
Expect it higher on some days, lower on others... expect it to pick up on weekends and lower on weekdays.

Holidays, back to school season, and leading up to Christmas are by far the best... early January by far the lowest.

Now, with that all said, you'll also notice more of a daily fluctuation due to your lower view count. With only a few hundred views/ day, you're likely only getting a few ads played/ clicks per day... so a single high or low paying ad could significantly alter your daily CPM.