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  1. G


    Ok. I will not change my mind, I have already applied, my account status is now in "Application Submited (Parents Must Sign Contract)" which they did, and I have already digitalized the contract I have it on my PC, now: HOW DO I SEND THE DIGITALIZED CONTRACT BACK TO CURSE??? Please...
  2. ProjectJamesify

    Curse Union for Gamers Network Revenue

    Hi there, I have been partnered with Curse Union for Gamers for a while now. They seem to do everything just the right way. However, why is ANYBODY partnered with ANY network? Do these guys actually pay out more or am I giving them 10% of my cut for some music and a crappy dashboard? If...
  3. UserU

    ScaleLab or Union for Gamers?

    I'm in a dilemma between choosing one. The tax issue with UfG hasn't been clarified yet and ScaleLab has got back to me on the application. However SL is only offering 70/30 after a rep messaged via email (contrary to their 80% in their T&C) and I'm unsure if they still have VidIQ while UfG...
  4. UserU

    Union for Gamers Tax Declaration Form

    Hi guys, Is this a must for all eligible channels? I'm a student and neither forms are applicable to me. I've sent a ticket several days ago but received no response. Any UfG members could clarify this?
  5. L

    Should I leave ScaleLab and join Curse network ?

    hey. So I joined Scalelab on December 2015 ( I joined VouStudios but since with new YT policy I'm transferred to scalelab) so far I didn't actually had any problems. They pay in time, support is good, forums is a bit dead though, their CPM is pretty good ($9-$10). But I really wanted to join...
  6. JassenBow


    Our gaming group currently consists of six members with the majority of us having over a thousand subscribers. We are all about entertaining our viewers and try to stay as active as possible. We play a variety of different games but our main ones would have to be Call of Duty, Custom Zombies...