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Our gaming group currently consists of six members with the majority of us having over a thousand subscribers. We are all about entertaining our viewers and try to stay as active as possible. We play a variety of different games but our main ones would have to be Call of Duty, Custom Zombies, Minecraft and Garrys Mod. We're also going to start doing playthroughs on newer titles so we can keep our channels fresh and exciting. We all have PC's and PS4's so there's no need to worry about being compatible with us.

The only real requirements we ask of is to be dedicated and between the ages of 15 and 20.
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Sounds like fun, I'd love to play with you guys sometime. If you'll have me of course!
I would definitely be interested in joining your crew, but I only have a PC. Add me on skype if you are interested: callmebyrde.
Been looking for more people to play World at War. I am a bit of an out there kind of person if yu really want to see my personality look into my funny moment videos. If you'd be interested in return add me on Skype: flashtoro Also I am just PC.
Would love to join and meet you guys!
Skype : PrydeOrigin
Games for PC only include :
World at war ,Garry's Mod and more!
Would love to Join!
Skype: alex.jones821
Games for PS4 only:
BO3, Battlefront and im getting GTA on the 5th od February
USA: East Time Zone
Channel: SatedMilkMan
Looking to expand my upload content(game-wise)
Would love a group to play with :D
Always looking for improvement and making better quality videos.
Skype: AaronR650
Steam: SatedMilkMan
Look forward to playing with you guys, if you'll have me on :D.
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