Questions about Curse - too good to be true?


i posted exactly all this stuff on curse's forum but i'd like YTTalk's communit take on this too if you wouldn't mind, as i know this is a Fantastic community.

Hello people! :) i've heard wonderful things about the curse network and it's revenue 90/10 thingymadoodie. Also that old partners had a fixed CPM of $3 etc, i've been scouting around these forums and others, and it's all abit mind-boggling (I'm not savvy in terms of all this network business, let alone moneymaking on youtube). I'd like to ask you the community your thoughts on my joining this seemingly wonderful network!? (IF i can even join lol) - I started in 2007 and had some luck in later years with mini viral videos hitting 62k and 78k views. so my total views are boosted (currently 221,635) but my subscriber count is not. :p - but these mini virals got me access to youtube partnership. I try to upload a minimum of 1 video per day, seeing as i have nothing else to do with my time, this is rather an easy feat for me. Please don't judge.

By the way, if this helps - i can show you a picture of 28-day channel views and cpm? i'm not 100% sure what it all means really, but have a look if you like?

I am a verified youtube partner and monetize all my videos, but i've not yet earned enough to be actually paid (Threshold DAMN YOU!) . Is Curse good? I know you'll be biased and say "yes of course" but i'd like to know why in TOTAL detail. I'm not the brightest crayon in the box so if you do tell me the things i'd like to know, dumb it down for little old me xD.

also, does signing up with curse come easy? are there tricks and nasty stabs in the dark details that i'm not being told? (Example: the revenue of 90/10 in MY favour... surely too good to be true?) also a Contractless agreement? meaning i can leave whenever i like if need be?

I'm a skeptic, and i hope for the best but i also try to be realistic. please share your knowledge with my 2 working braincells and let's have some fun whilst doing it! i'm EAGERLY awaiting your responses! Come at meh!

ALSO ANOTHER QUERY!!! my youtube account is in good standing in all ways, but will this effect my joining? i have a RESOLVED copyright strike on one video i made back in 2007, am i screwed?
There are some network offering 90% rev share with no lock in contracts. And this is all true

Regarding your copyright issue, if it has been resolved then you should be good to go.