How does Partnership work now days?


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Hi, I've previously had a Partnership directly through Youtube where I would monetize each video individually and it would go through a process of review and either get approved or denied. Is this still the case?

I have a small gaming channel with around 2k subscribers, and I just recently left the Fullscreen network. I felt as if my earnings have become increasingly lower over the years and another channel of mine was straight up dropped from their network without a proper explanation.

I'm looking to possibly join Union for Gamers (Curse) but I was also considering just monetizing directly with Youtube. My concern lies with having to get every single video approved again. I have almost 300 videos and that would be a massive pain getting each one approved. With Fullscreen, when I uploaded one it was monetized right away. I'd appreciate some input on how this process works now days. I was with Fullscreen for five years and feel lost as to what I should do next.
For the last couple of years every video I've posted has been monetized immediately by Adsense/Youtube.
If you join a monetization network you are still using Adsense/Youtube. The difference you are giving the network 20%-30% of your earnings. They should be giving you something VERY special in return for you giving them all of that money.