youtube partnership

  1. A

    YouTube deactivated Monetization that I never wanted in the first place

    Hello, few days ago I activated monetization and created an Adsense account by mistake. Thanks to that, I couldn't join a Network because I was already Partner with the Youtube Partnership Program. I immediately disabled monetization, including all ads, this even before monetization was approved...
  2. J

    How does Partnership work now days?

    Hi, I've previously had a Partnership directly through Youtube where I would monetize each video individually and it would go through a process of review and either get approved or denied. Is this still the case? I have a small gaming channel with around 2k subscribers, and I just recently left...
  3. zaffron

    Question on Terms of YouTube Partner Program

    hi guys i have a legal question about monetization on Youtube. i have read the Terms of YouTube Partner Program and i find my self stuck at the first item. quote from the terms: "Monetization Revenues. YouTube will pay you as follows: Advertising Revenues. YouTube will pay you 55% of net...
  4. Terminator BDs

    Is UGN good or bad?

    Hello there I was planning to join a new network after leaving my current and all I was thinking about is curse because I have a gaming channel and I thought it was good for gaming + a high rev share. But I came across a network called Ultimate Gaming Network (UGN) I saw a video of someone...
  5. P

    Acifin network under BroadbandTV_gaming are scamming/threatening their partners

    Hey guys I've come to this forum from time to time in the past because the information here has been pretty informative and has helped me a lot! This time I finally created a username so I can share some information about the Acifin network which operates under BroadbandTV. In the pictures you...
  6. saba

    Reflict Network Review - Is really best youtube partnership network ?

    so i applied reflict network 3 month ago and i wanna tell you that this network is best and i highly recommended this network to everyone. first i like in this network is No Requirement. when i join in reflict my daily views was just 20-30 and No one accepted me,but reflict accept my channel and...
  7. KidCom

    Get an offer from BroadbandTV

    Quite surprising since my channel is still small with less than 1000 subscribers. This morning I received an email from a guy in BroadbandTV asking about my goal for my channel and saying that he would like to help me reach a larger audience. How is your experience with BroadbandTV if you have...