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Hey guys

I've come to this forum from time to time in the past because the information here has been pretty informative and has helped me a lot! This time I finally created a username so I can share some information about the Acifin network which operates under BroadbandTV. In the pictures you can see how the Acifin network has been threatening their partners with lawsuits and stealing partners from the subnetworks that were created when they were offering virtual networks. I've also spoken to some guy who hasn't been paid by them (not featured in the video) and another had his unlink button removed after he put in a request to be unlinked before his 6 month contract was going to expire. Acifin renewed his contract for another year without his permission. If you'd like to be put in touch with any of the people featured in the pictures, please feel free to contact me.Hopefully BBTV eventually sees this post and investigates networks such as Acifin that they're helping to keep afloat. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Here are the emails I sent to Acifin and the responses I received. Notice the professionalism ;)

Email1.png email2.png Email3.png Email4.png Email5.png

Here are images of other peoples experiences with Acifin. A lot I have spoken to personally, so their names will be blurred out of respect for them.

Pic10Blurred.jpg pic2Blurred.jpg




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I think Acifin actually no longer works with BroadbandTV,

You shouldn't blame BBTV for something Acifin are saying, just contact BBTV directly.

Edit: also I wouldn't worry about any legal firm contacting you etc, Acifin is run by like one guy from the UK :p
Acifin partnered me up and for some reason it reads BroadbandTV_gaming under the network I'm linked to. Didn't mean to make it sound like I was hating on BroadbandTV - I personally think it's a reputable network. It would have to be because it's huge. It's a shame they have networks like this operating under them. Thank you so much for the link Shane! I've put in a request and am just waiting for a response.
Acifin does not run under BroadbandTV. Acifin has a CMS, but they only have a managed CMS not a full CMS, which means that they can only give out managed partnerships with their own CMS. They do extensive searches of channels to check for copyright and other things, and even if you don't have any copyrighted content, or anything bad on your channel, if Acifin suspects anything, they will put you into BroadbandTV's CMS as an affiliate partner. Acifin has a staff team of around 30 people, but only about 4 of them do any actual work.

(this was just to clarify some things that people have said on this post)

I was previously partnered with Acifin, and thy were alright up until about 6 months ago, where they just stopped giving support completely, and now they don't even open partner emails, I managed to get in contact with one of the staff members and got my channel unlinked from them. I am sure that BBTV will be helpful, they are fairly good at replying quickly.
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Acifin has a staff team of around 30 people, but only about 4 of them do any actual work.
(this was just to clarify some things that people have said on this post).
According to LinkedIn, they have 2 staff (and only one full-time).. Not everyone has a LinkedIn account but I've never seen it off by a margin of even close to 1,500%..
I'm with them and I haven't had any problems other than crappy support but that's every network. *cough* Machinima *cough