1. waegt aweg

    Banned from Adsense.. No MCN.. Now What?

    So, I was banned from AdSense back in 2011 (don't know why). After my appeal got rejected, I created a new a channel in 2013, and tried to monetize my videos using a MCN. I applied to Fullscreen and was accepted right away with little to no subscribers and no AdSense account linked to my...
  2. A

    I have 40k subsciber ,Is joining to Fullscreen worth ?

    My channel have 40k subs and approx 3M views but my computer is very low (.15) that's why I want to join Fullscreen ? Please suggest me
  3. J

    How does Partnership work now days?

    Hi, I've previously had a Partnership directly through Youtube where I would monetize each video individually and it would go through a process of review and either get approved or denied. Is this still the case? I have a small gaming channel with around 2k subscribers, and I just recently left...
  4. A

    Adsense vs Fullscreen vs Studio71 vs Curse

    Recently i have been approached by few netwoks about partnership. My YouTube channel has more than 100k subscribers and i have been getting over 10 million views every month. I am presently with adsense. My question is should i stay with adsense or join a network. My channel has content related...

    Joining Fullscreen!

    Hey guys so i applied to fullscreen and they were willing to accept me, but i never confirmed as i looked up a lot of videos and people said don't do it! I did join freedom a few months ago and it did absolutely nothing except instantly take any money i made from ads ....so i left, but i'm...
  6. abdellatif

    i have 3 channels linked to the same adsense and i want to join fullscreen

    hi guys i have 3 channels (1 has 30.000 subs / 2 has 1750 subs / 3 has 560 subs) i want to link the channel which has 30.000 subs with fullscreen, and i'm wandering if i link this channel with fullscreen, am i still can uploade videos to other channels and receive my payment from adsense, and...
  7. Scapestrato

    VAT tax on payments coming from a US based network?

    Hey folks, anybody has experience about this? From next month I'm starting receiving payments from Fullscreen to my company based in Bulgaria (so VAT subject territory), and at the moment I'm not sure if this kind of payment is VAT exempt or not. If it's the second case, it means there's a...
  8. E

    Fullscreen approval wait time

    I was just wondering how long the approval took for other people for Fullscreen Partnership. Cause I applied 3 days ago. Unless it's because of the weekend. Also anyone know why they keep on sending emails to remind me to sign the contract email when i already signed it and I got the approval of...
  9. Some Youtube Dude

    Best Network for a 650k Subscriber Channel?

    Hello all. Been around here a while but mostly a lurker. So my Youtube channel has around 650,000 subs and my contract with my MCN just ended and I'm looking for a new network. Anyone have any suggestions on a good network for a channel my size? Been Offered deals by Fullscreen , Defy Media...
  10. Rads

    Network Choice - Help

    Hello everyone, I started a few weeks ago my youtube channel, a gaming channel and of course I thought about: "What network should I join when the time comes?" , so I did some research and it looks like for youtube gamers, other network than adsense is the best, since we can play almost any game...
  11. OzTalksHw

    Does Fullscreen Require Adsense?

    I'm growing pretty quickly and think it's time I partner w/ a network. I won't be 18 until July and so I cannot apply for Adsense using my information. I know I can use my parents, but I'd rather have full control of my account if I do go Adsense. My question is - does Fullscreen require...
  12. Kada

    Best gaming partnership? [PLEASE READ]

    I have some questions and I would be very happy if you anwser them! :) 1.Is Polaris best gaming partnership? What are the requiments? How I can join Polaris Partnership? Do I need to join MakerGen and when I get very big then I get Invite from Polaris? 2.MakerGen or Curse or Fullscreen? DO you...
  13. Bromar Gaming

    How to leave network partnership?

    Hi guys. My friend passed down a youtube channel to me through google plus, but it is hooked to fullscreen for another 6 months in contract and since he can't leave I was wondering if I can leave since I am the new owner of the channel. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. SimplySarah

    Fullscreen & Beauty Channel...Leave?

    Hi all! Ive been with Fullscreen for 2 years and have had no negative experiences but at the same time no good experiences either. I feel like they gear themselves to gaming channels and nothing else. I've never been promoted and feel like they have done nothing to help me with views...
  15. S

    To help small youtubers / People partnered with Fullscreen

    I have started a group on fullscreen. All those want to have a collaboration and have a channel that is aiming on education can be a part of the group. well everyone can be a part the my group. So that we can help and grow together on youtube.
  16. O

    can a MCN that lets you monetize cover songs still have video pulled by copyright owners?

    Someone is telling me that even if you are with a MCN like FullScreen or We Are The Hits that the copyright owners can still take down your video. I'm finding this hard to believe. If you talk to FullScreen or We Are The Hits who actually partner with each other they both tell me that they get...