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Hello! I know you don't read a lot, so if yo do not qualify for any of the things on this list, I am probably not your guy, but if it is minor, ask me about it on this thread! I am looking for:
1. A collaborator to play games like minecraft and (Maybe) xbox games with(MAYBE)
2. You have to speak fluent English. I know a little spanish, but just no. plz. no.
3. You MUST MUST have skype, I will give you mine if I want to collab with you.
4. You must be 12-18 years old. (NO PEDOS)
5. You must have minecraft, a decent mic, and recording software that records 720p+ is perferred, but recording software in general is optional.
6. It would be best if you live in North America, but Europe is ok if my schedule lines up right.
7. You do not have to have a YT channel, mine is called PeachPlayz(No space between Peach and Playz)
8. contact me by posting on this thread, commenting on one of my videos, or my skype if I give it to you!
Hello I post Minecraft videos, speak English and ill tell my age If you want to collaborate check out my channel is Benny203 I cant post link, I do have Skype, Im in CA, hope we can collaborate!