Gaming GTA5 Funny Moments on Xbox One Anyone?

Maurice Cassidy

New Member
Hey guys,

I want to play GTA 5 with a group of people, merely consisting of races created by the online Rockstar community. You should be humorous and have fun as we play race through the laps and commentate as we progress through the obstacles.

I'm looking for "mature" players -- this just means no squeaky voices, sorry.
Furthermore, you should own a microphone, an XBOX One, a copy of GTA5 and Skype, as we'll be using that to communicate -- it has the best sound/recording quality.

I'm hoping to achieve something like the Sidemen; a group of regulars where we get together and play games. I'm also open for Fifa 16 and Black Ops 3 if you have those games.

So yeah, let's have a fun time, and if you are also a Youtuber looking to grow like me, then let's help one another out.

GT: mebemaurice
Skype: mebemaurice
Hey when I get back from T-Day break I'll msg you on Xbox but in our group we play GTA V & BO3 and cconsits of 15,15, & 14 year old and I play FIFA but the group mostly plays the other 2 games
im down i am free whenever i have a youtube channel with almost 200 subscribers i post gta 5 fallout 4 madden 15 black ops 3 etc and would also love for something like sidemen or vanoss gaming
I have almost have 90 subs and have a microphone, an xbox one, GTA V and Skype and have Fifa 16 and getting Black Ops 3 very soon want to collab
Skype: kamal.luke1
I'm 15, have an Xbox One, Blue Snowball Mic, and Skype. I've been looking for a group like this for a while and I'm very interested.
I have a fairly deep voice. If you watch my video I'm the deeper one
Im 22 and from the UK , I am just finalising my new gaming channel. I currently male vlogs and have done for a year and hope to have this channel on the side. I am full dedicated and have fairly high end equipment. I am up for sending my audio files to capture the best quality for the videos. The only downside is that i haven't as yet uploaded. This will be the case until January 1st.