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Hey guys I was thinking about this today and I really want to collab with someone I play mostly minecraft so if your a minecraft pc gamer and want to collab you found the right place I think

A little bit about me I'm 13
My channel name is MinixMC
I recently Revamped my Youtube channel to make it better
I play minecraft my youtube channel is called Sam Wolfie and if you wanna collab with me just msg me on skype my skype username is mewwitch (I'm a girl btw and I'm 15)
Hey! This sounds like a lot of fun. I'm a 13 year old who has 28 subscribers and am fairly active on my channel so send me a PM if you're interested. Thanks!

Skype: magicbacontv
I'm interested even Im a new channel because my friends found out my old channel XD. Im gonna be 14 in a few months and you can contact me on Skype which is KairosWolf
sounds interesting. i dont have a lot of subs but it could be fun message me on skype. my username is; double Dgaming
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