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  1. C

    Other Youtube Collaboration - Commercial Construction and Renovation

    Hi! My name is Christian and I'm writing for Mr. Dimitri Livas, he would like to know if you'll be interested in a possible collaboration. Currently, Mr. Livas has 10.7K youtube subscribers and his content includes but is not limited to, Commercial Construction. With your help, we hope we could...
  2. G


    HELLO FRIENDS I WANT TO swap end screen with a gaming channel which make content like pubg and clash of clans and other mobile games if u want to collab then contact me we will also cross promote our channels in our social media
  3. Paranoia_Origins

    Gaming (PS4) Looking for Serious, Passionate, and Consistent YouTubers To Grow Our Channel Together!

    Hey everyone just wanted people to go and check out my youtube gaming channel, i'm also doing creating graphic designs for all youtubers so if anyone wouldn'd mind checking out my video(s) and telling me how everything looks, sounds, i'm always trying new ideas and such so i'm trying really hard...
  4. Paranoia_Origins

    Gaming Looking For Passionate & Consistent PS4 YouTubers For Collaboration

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  5. pixellent

    Collaboration is the key for new channels

    I'm making Youtube videos since almost 10 years and I own a couple of different channels including a new one I've started couple of months ago. The biggest problem about it though; it is hard to start from the scratch. Building up an audience is a pain! But I strongly recommend collaborating...
  6. RenOperative

    Gaming Searching for some potential EU gamers to co-host a gaming podcast

    Going to jump right into basics with my search here. We’re looking for reliable, non-toxic candidates who have an immense passion for playing a lot of various video games extensively, and contributing to gaming podcasts since we’re looking for more co-hosts for our EU division in the long term...
  7. bloodmoney207

    Gaming Looking for a collaboration partner (PC/XBOXONE)

    i got a gaming channel up on youtube and it has been up for some time now i upload daily but im getting a upload schedule together because of late theres so much content on my channel to this point i have not gotten around to getting it out there or working with other people so now here i am...
  8. MrJude12

    Gaming Ps4 Youtube collab

    Looking to collab with anyone, I play on console (Xbox one & Playstation 4) The games I mostly play on Playstation 4 are: Rainbow Six Siege Black ops 3 Battlefield 1 NBA 2K (Destiny and more in future after release) Xbox one: Halo Master Chief Collection & 5
  9. R

    Other Looking for tech youtuber that wants to collab!

    Hello, im a Apple technology youtuber with 320+ subs, I am looking for someone else who does a similar thing to me and we could collab, please ask any questions thx
  10. D

    Gaming Geometry Dash Collaboration

    ¿Alguien desea colaborar en un video de Geometry Dash?
  11. RenOperative

    Gaming July Collaboration – Looking for new recruits for gaming content creation & opportunities

    Introduction: Hello, my name is Renegade Operative. I am the co-host of a gaming podcast oriented channel and we always seek out new blood each month to try to further our relationships and give new opportunities gaming channels of any size who desires a chance to be active & participate with a...
  12. MrPredman

    Gaming Looking for youtube collabaration

    Hey guys my name is MrPredman or "Pred" As my friends call me. I am currently looking for some other youtubers who would love to collaborate to make some awesome funny gameplay! I currently have 1,096 subscribers which is growing by the day and am looking for someone in their 20's with a great...
  13. MrPredman

    Looking for people to collab on youtube!

  14. FireSkill903

    Gaming [CSGO] Looking for Collaboration

    Hey there! Right away, I will come to the actual point: I would like to collaborate someone on Youtube by playing the well-known FPS game CSGO (Steam). I will just list the requirements...: - Naturally, a Youtube Channel - 50-350+ Subscribers (should be..) - Some knowledge in CSGO (only...
  15. P

    Gaming Horror/Indie/Funny Collaboration (PC only)

    Hi there, I'm looking for collaborators with a similar or higher subscriber count as me (>2000) to help grow my channel. We'll do a couple of let's plays and I'll feature you on my channel (and vice versa). Indie horror is the mainstay of my channel but but for collaboration I would like to...
  16. RenOperative

    Gaming May Collaborations - Impending E3 HYPE

    I'll keep this short and sweet, my name is Renegade Operative. I run a gaming group that focuses on video games, anime, and comic book films known as the The Co-Operative Experience. We have a diverse range of content that specialize in chemistry of upcoming events such as podcasts, playing...
  17. gunslingin_diva


    Just recently, we have started a let's play collaboration group and we are looking for a few extra players to join us in networking and growing our channels together. Currently, we are working on an Ark Survival Evolved Series, but we are open to other gaming collaborations We have 7...
  18. KaylaKayyy

    Other Storytime Collab.

    Hey guys! If any of you guys have a crazy roommate story lets collab! I have wanted to a story time collab but none of my friends have any like stories. Doesn't matter how many subs you've got lets just support one another and have fun. Also if we do a virtual collab then we don't need to...
  19. Alexander Nedelchev

    Other Collaboration with ANY YOUTUBER!

    Hello, friends! If you want to know more about me, check out my profile. In short I want to say that I am searching for a youtuber to make a collab with. My channel is based on self-developement videos and it's more suitable if yours is too, but no matter if it is or it is not, feel free to...
  20. PansGaming

    Gaming Looking for YouTuber Gamers to interview.

    So I'm looking for some people who would be willing to answer some interview questions. The questions will be sent and answered in written form, via email/youtube message/pm etc. The answers will then be posted on my blog which I am starting. I will be asking you questions about your YouTube...
  21. PansGaming

    Gaming Looking for some people to make a network of sorts.

    So, I've been making YouTube videos for a while now, and I've had a lot of fun making videos to upload to my channel. However during my time on YouTube I've found that I enjoy videos where multiple people are commentating on the gameplay as the commentary seems to flow more easily and is, in...
  22. robotgamerplays

    would be happy to hear a feedback on my new video

    i just made my best edited video were i play with some friends gta 5 online and is amazing so hope you guys give me your feedback and hope you enjoy
  23. spookayed

    Other Anyone want to do a challenge collab ?

    Hey would anyone be interested in doing a challenge collab with me? I have a few ideas but I want to know your ideas for the collab as well I live in New York so if anyone lives near me and wants to collab let me know thank you !!
  24. L

    Vlog Collaborations in Missouri or northern Arkansas?

    I am a smaller youtube vlogging channel and ive been vlogging for about 7-8 months now and im trying to grow my channel and help others grow theirs. Even if you aren't from missouri, let me know if youre down to collab and we can make it happen
  25. B

    Gaming Looking for a collaboration in most games

    Hi I have a small YouTube account and I was wondering if you have games like Arma 3 , gmod , Euro truck simulator 2 ,left 4 dead 2 and paladins I could Collab and I'm 14 years old.And my Skype is bennaughton114
  26. J

    Gaming looking for some people...

    hi I looking for some youtubers that will like collab and make some videos for the release of infinite warfare. like we can make any type of video it doesn't to be infinite warfare and I'm outgoing and funny as well check my youtube out if you want my channel is slery with a blue backround and a...
  27. RTBFrebel

    Gaming Looking To Form A Group (PC)

    Hey guys my name is Red and i've been looking to start a recording group with 4-6 people for awhile. what i hope to do is find some poeple who the group and i can work well with and have fun while making the viewers laugh. We will be using discord to communicate and stuff so yea. Games...
  28. EverythingTech360

    Other I want to collaborate on my channel videos

    I want to collaborate to anyone who can promote my YouTube channel video. If anyone interested and want to collaborate with me you can direct reply me on this thread or direct mail me on my email id. All information are given below. It will be great help for us. Email id:
  29. M

    Gaming I am looking for someone to make videos with.

    I am open to most games. I am a college student so I don't have a lot of money to buy new games but am planning on buting Bf1. I would love to collaborate with anyone.
  30. KantoGaming

    Gaming Top 5 video.

    Hey gamers! I'm looking for ideas for a top 5 video to do, and I'm looking for someone to collab with! It'll be an easy collab because basically we will each do our own top 5 on the same topic, and just say in the video to check out the other persons top 5 list too. Anyone interested?