Gaming May Collaborations - Impending E3 HYPE


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May 30, 2016
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I'll keep this short and sweet, my name is Renegade Operative. I run a gaming group that focuses on video games, anime, and comic book films known as the The Co-Operative Experience. We have a diverse range of content that specialize in chemistry of upcoming events such as podcasts, playing games on stream together, conversing and the occasional crude humor. With E3 coming up in June, one of the biggest gaming expos of the year we'd like to have some new blood come in as we nerd out together, create content in the future and hopefully find some new members with the same ambitions as us for this May thread.

The requirements are as followed and are only for serious inquiries only.


Age range is 17 and up.
* Must be mature.
* You have to be active if you join our gaming Discord. Inactive members will be removed after one full week. (I'll make certain exceptions if people go to work, class or if they are busy. This is fair, try to be active much as your free time allows.)
* There are no subscriber limitations but you must have a gaming YouTube channel or Twitch channel with VOD's present. You cannot join if you do not have a channel with content.
* Please do not bring real world politics into the chat, we keep it on geek culture 24/7.
* You have to be a people person, willing to work with others.
* You have be a drama free gamer. We don't work with jerks.
* Anyone who is here to only self-promote will be removed. We do not encourage anyone just trying to get quick subs and views, you'll be removed immediately.
* We do content once a week so one week is full of content and the next week we take a break. Very simple premise if you're interesting in how our collaborations work with content.
* If you're not interested or serious then do not join.

The requirements might seem steep but trust me if you can get past these requirements then everything else is easy going after that. Due to experience with searching for newcomers I have to take this a little more seriously so those are the requirements we're seeking, we're fair about the rest and there's no shadow rules behind these terms so If you need more information then please e-mail me at and we'll proceed from there.