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  1. avilsd

    Other Cryptocurrency channel collaboration

    Hi, I just started a 2nd youtube channel for cryptocurrency (my current one has 18,700 subscribers) and am almost at 100 subscribers with my first 2 videos. I'd love to collaborate with any cryptocurrency youtubers (small or just getting started out). If you're okay with a collab for my...
  2. Renzicle

    Gaming Xbox Collaboration, FPS & Other Games, 1,000 Subscribers

    Hello all! I am looking to collaborate with other gaming YouTubers! I would like that you have over 20 posted videos and have a posting schedule that has been followed for a few weeks. I am looking for someone serious about recording and not necessarily a one and done deal. Your subscriber count...
  3. MrJude12

    Gaming Funny People to record and stream with

    Getting more and more into streaming and wanting to upload videos to Youtube, would be awesome to have another channel to share videos with and grow together! I play on all platforms but if I had to say which do I play most on it would be PS4 I play all the new games that come out and I tend to...
  4. JennCreates


    Hi everyone!! I am looking for other youtubers in the Toronto area that want to do a collab. I like doing gaming/app review videos. My demographic is mostly female/young girls.
  5. O

    Gaming Hey there! Looking for a YouTube gaming group! (PC/Xbox ONE)

    Hey, my names Marcus. I have a YouTube channel currently called Omisga, and I have about 950 subscribers and looking for people to partner up with. My only real requirement is that you're around 15 - 25 years old. I don't really care about your subscriber count. As long as you have somewhat...
  6. BuoyantYT

    Gaming Collab- Gta 5, Gmod, csgo, fortnite...

    Hey i am a small youtuber looking for ppl to collab with preferrably gta 5 pc and not too young... Want a group of us for funny moments to let it all out hahaha... Check out my youtube channel for my content i make... im gonna be bringing back gta 5 so anyone wanting to collab as a group...
  7. RenOperative

    Gaming Searching For Chill, Enthusiastic YouTube Gamers Willing To Join A Gaming Collab Group

    Our goal: We’re extensively searching for proper, gaming candidates who are willing to start an organic relationship with a Discord group centered on nerd culture. We want to extend an olive branch with people who might be interested to join this opportunity for people who are interested in...
  8. CraftinJoey

    Gaming Looking to make a youtube gaming comedy squad! (PC)

    I am looking to start a gaming comedy group consisting of smaller youtubers! Requirements ------------------ 15+ (Can be arranged) Good mic quality (Tell me what mic it is) Be an active Youtuber Good Sense Of Humor Can Be Able To Curse... A lot Most have at least 720p videos (preferably 1080p)...
  9. GucciCarry

    Gaming PC Collab

    Hello everyone. I'm a gaming/comedy youtuber with over 2,400 subscribers and counting. I really enjoy making people laugh and brightening up their days. I'm looking for a couple people who are interested in doing collabs. My requiremarents are - Must be 16+ - Must be mature. - Must have a...
  10. M

    Gaming Looking for people to collaborate (pc and PS4) only

    Hello my youtube is MachineGun787 I’m looking to do some collars with some people Requirements: 1. Must be 13+ yrs old 2. Must post regularly 3. Have a good sence of humor 4. Trust worthy 5. Play fortnite 6. Have a good pc 7. Good mic 8. Have at least 40+ subs Discord: MachineGun787#7097...
  11. I

    Gaming looking for someone to collab with xbox one pubg

    yo, looking for people to do funny moments on pubg, im 18, got 90 subs, wanting to have fun ect, need people who can take a joke, not a squeeker kid ect, need a good mic and have fun ect, xbox gamertag - IXpantherzz discord - IXpantherzz #9373
  12. MrJude12

    Gaming Funny moments Crew

    Looking for a group of people to make some funny moments videos with 18+ preferably and need to have a good sense of humour I play on Ps4 mostly but have an Xbox one and am getting a pc very soon Ps4 games: Star Wars Battlefront 2 Rainbow Six Siege Call of duty dying light fortnite rocket...
  13. Danny Techaholic

    Gaming Looking to Collab, make friends along with better content.

    Hey. My Name is Danny (Daniel). I have a YouTube Channel (obviously :)). It's called "Danny Techaholic". Link to my channel: What I basically do is gaming videos on certain days and make tech deal videos on another day for the fun of it. Most of my friends play console and...
  14. Razolion

    Gaming Looking for Collaborators that will match my idea

    Hi, my name is Joe and I call my self Razolion on my channel. I have 46 subscribers that I gain in a month. I play games and take 2 videos per week. I am age of 14 and looking for collab who is under 16 years old. I play games wiith my friends like idiots, so if you are interested in...
  15. MrJude12

    Gaming Looking to collaborate sub count doesnt matter

    I currently have 61 Subscribers and I am looking to collab with people. Need to have a good sense of humour and can take a joke. Preferably 18+ Ps4 Games I mostly play: Rainbow Six Siege rocket league destiny 2 black ops 3 Battlefield 1 UFC 2 *MORE IN FUTURE* Xbox one: Halo masterchief...
  16. bloodmoney207

    Gaming Looking for a collaboration partner (PC/XBOXONE)

    i got a gaming channel up on youtube and it has been up for some time now i upload daily but im getting a upload schedule together because of late theres so much content on my channel to this point i have not gotten around to getting it out there or working with other people so now here i am...
  17. Mr. Fox

    Voice Acting VOICE ACTORS NEEDED!!

    Hiyaa! I'm looking for a voice actors for a project of mine, I have multiple projects (Mainly Short Countdowns):help: Mostly of the roles are fairly short and simple. It's very easy only narrations. Check-out my youtube channel to know, what is my channel all about. Email Me if Your Interested...
  18. Mr Patriotic

    Gaming PC Gameplay Collab! Variety of Games, MC plus any others!

    Sup peeps, My names Sam, Im 17 and play a bunch of games! I Run a youtube channel and have 323 subs (at the time of writing this!) I am growing by 1-3 a day, and am looking for a youtuber to collab with. Only requirements are you must have 250+ subs, otherwise, there is no point for me! You...
  19. cormac donohoe


  20. ClassicShinner

    Gaming PS4 Youtuber needs youtube friends! (17+)

    I am a YouTuber that has a little over 100 subs and would love to collab with other youtubers to grow together! The type of games I have are Rocket League, Call Of Duty Black Ops 3, NBA 2K17, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Seige, etc. Hmu on my twitter or on here Twitter: ShinneR_
  21. RenOperative

    Gaming May Collaborations - Impending E3 HYPE

    I'll keep this short and sweet, my name is Renegade Operative. I run a gaming group that focuses on video games, anime, and comic book films known as the The Co-Operative Experience. We have a diverse range of content that specialize in chemistry of upcoming events such as podcasts, playing...
  22. Alexkrasnic

    Gaming Hey! Looking for Youtube partner or group to collab :D

    Hey guys! Im small youtuber ready to collab with :D Im really good at editing videos! I think that''s cause i really enjoying doing that! I playing everything from Funny to Horror Games! Appreciate every reply! I hope we going to have alot of fun playing games together! Have a nice day :D
  23. RenOperative

    Gaming April Collaboration For A Gaming Group

    Hello, I'm Renegade Operative. I've been a long time YouTuber since 2013, I'm seeking to grow, evolve and expand my horizons with possibly looking for some relaxed but diverse drama free individuals who shares the same passion as I do about video games in a group, social environment on our...
  24. TaVRoS Evolve

    Gaming COLLAB [Long or Short term]

    Im a ps4 youtuber trying to expand my audience and help someone elses channel No Minimum subs Minimum uploaded videos of 5 (to show your going to stick) Must have a ps4 and a mic Willing to do videos and live stream collabs. I have 250 subs. Relpy if interested.
  25. A

    Gaming I have 934 subs currently looking to collab with someone that has 1k+ subs I do mostly cod on PS4

    My YouTube is amazed skill
  26. C.Tomo

    Gaming Looking to collab on youtube with CSGO

    Hey guys what i am looking for is a individual willing to do a collaboration on YouTube. preferably someone who is into and also does content to do with CS GO so both parties will benefit from it. The sort of things i am looking for: 1. Same sort of content/interests 2. Over 350 subs (this is...
  27. Johndell

    Gaming Looking for Hack n Slash channels to Collab with

    Hey, I'm Johndell (Or AmazingGaming), I started YouTube like a 6 months ago and was looking for someone to collab with to get my channel going. I'm 16 and I'm from Philippines, It doesn't really matter where you're from cause cuz i ain't a picky one.
  28. PansGaming

    Gaming Looking for YouTuber Gamers to interview.

    So I'm looking for some people who would be willing to answer some interview questions. The questions will be sent and answered in written form, via email/youtube message/pm etc. The answers will then be posted on my blog which I am starting. I will be asking you questions about your YouTube...
  29. R

    Gaming Searching for Xbox One Collab Team

    Hey guys its RippedTiara! I am in search of a team of youtubers interested in collaborating on gaming videos. I had a previous youtube channel of 215 Subs but I had to delete it due to personal reasons. However, I loved it and want to continue making videos. My new channel is almost finalized...
  30. robotgamerplays

    would be happy to hear a feedback on my new video

    i just made my best edited video were i play with some friends gta 5 online and is amazing so hope you guys give me your feedback and hope you enjoy