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Hi, I just started a 2nd youtube channel for cryptocurrency (my current one has 18,700 subscribers) and am almost at 100 subscribers with my first 2 videos. I'd love to collaborate with any cryptocurrency youtubers (small or just getting started out). If you're okay with a collab for my secondary channel, we can do it on there. If you have over 5,000 subscribers and would rather a collab on my main crypto channel, we can discuss. It can be online or a future meet up (Currently located in Poland but will be moving back to Chicago in 3-4 months).
What kinda of things do you want to collab on - I've had an idea for something mining related for a while but never pursued it as not to confident on the which coin side of things. i'll PM you.
I wonder is it still relevant and you're still creating your channel? It would be great if it would have series of videos with NFT-related content. Nowadays it's pretty popular to purchase top nft collections and re-sell them, based on market's demands. You can check out sites like TopNFTCollections.com to understand what I'm talking about. They have plenty of truly rare NFT assets.
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