I've Got It
SO yeah no one has done this. Everyone is saying. Have to have a professional mic and amazing pc. Can't have background noise and stuff like that. Honestly it doesn't matter if you are having fun. I have quiet a large group of friends that play all sorts of games and I mean all sorts. I played the john cena simulator whilst they chat modded. We do speed runners, gta, lol, hearthstone and even cs go. Hell we buy each other packs on hearthstone because someone wants a deck and doesn't have dust xD (no joke my mate said he was going to build the deck and instead bought me £45 worth of packs) end result is. I don't want to record amazingly and the best quiality. I want funny content and people who are willing to drop this whole persona they make for youtube videos and generally just have fun. If you can't do that the you fail the only requirement I ask which I am actually being general about. You don't need a mic. Hell you can have windows 97 and 2 gigs of ram for all I care. If you can have fun, you can join xD This isn't a big channel either this is just my channel we all have separate ones. But feel free to use footage if you really want its your gameplay. If you want this just reply and I would be more then happy to get to know you and then add you to skype and play games with us :3 ciao
Id like to, but i have good pc and and alright mic. What games would we play?
anything really, we just don't do cod.... well some do zombies and destiny. None do fifa for it usually bores us. (we aren't big fans on sports xD) but what im trying to say is. What I am asking for isn't someone to make youtube videos with. its people to introduce to the group so when we wanna play a game people are alwas there and they are nice people