Gaming Looking For people who want to collaborate on Computer


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Oct 21, 2015
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Hello my YouTube Channel Name is MaLlyd, I'm 13, and looking for anyone who wants to play computer games together. I'd prefer Minecraft or because I don't have much money of my own in my wallet ( I got Minecraft for Christmas) and would prefer to stick with games I already own.

Things I'm most likely to pick are is if you are 13 or older, have skype, if you have a low amount of subscribers ( I'd prefer this because I don't want to mooch off of someone who worked hard for the subscribers and I get some of their subs for just hanging out with them.)
Go to my YouTube channel MaLlyd ( I have around 19 subs) and either go to the discussion page or to the option of sending me a message. I'm going to be busy so that's why I won't be able to respond on yttalk.
Thanks much appreciated!