minecraft collaborating

  1. Itz Bishwas

    Gaming Minecraft Collaborations on PC - (Any Game mode)

    Hey my channel name is Itz Bishwas and I am a Minecraft Gaming Channel. I am looking for someone to make videos with often, and we could do any type of game mode. You must have Skype with good internet connections and a Minecraft account as well (duh...).
  2. BrickFireGaming

    Gaming YupForce - Youtube Gaming Group!

    Introduction Hello all of you gamers! This is Brick here, and I am here to talk to you about a Youtube Gaming Group I am creating. Although my gaming channel only has about 10 subscribers, I still believe my newer videos are high quality. If you do not like joining small channel groups...
  3. Justin Beast

    Gaming Minecraft SMP Server Collab!

    Hello there! My name is BabyAsriel, and I am starting a new Minecraft survival multiplayer server! With this server, I am planning on creating opportunities for collaborations and YouTubers to grow their audiences together. Together plays a big role in this, as it's going to be a server with...
  4. MuterOfMinds

    Gaming Anyone for a collab ;)

    Hey! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Minecraft collaboration, you would need a decent mic. and a PC that can run minecraft well. :)
  5. O

    Gaming Minecraft collab

    Hey everyone i am looking for someone who would want to do minecraft mostly on pc like skywars and just anything msg me if want to
  6. O

    Gaming looking for a pc/xbox one collaboration partner(s)

    hey everyone that sees this i have been posting a lot but I want another person to have more fun. Pc i will be doing Minecraft GMOD and mostly anything just ask me Xbox- I am mostly gonna focus on call of duty most fps and possible smite and more msg back if interested
  7. mighTYLER99

    Gaming 16 Year Old Pc Gamers

    Hiya!!! My Name Is Ty and i upload pc gaming videos, mainly minecraft, battleblock, and trove, Comment Ur Skype Name If Interested, I Only Ask These Things: 1. Don't Cuss, 2.Have Skype, 3. Be Around My Age :D Also I'm In The US So We'd Have To Work Out Time Schedules My Channel: TysaurusRex
  8. The Nerd Factor

    Gaming Minecraft PC

    Looking for other Minecraft PC YouTubers to collab with! Help both of our YouTube channel! My skype is toolegit22
  9. neowolfman

    Gaming Minecrafters Wanted

    Hello. I am looking for some people to join me on my vanilla 1.8 server. So basically if you want to record you can if you don't you don't have to. We will do semi independent videos meaning that we wont be skyping or anything just playing on same server. If you would like to join add me on...
  10. True DjGaming

    Gaming Minecraft Collab

    Hey people of yttalk my name is Dj and im looking for someone to collab with on minecraft But i have some requirements which are: 11 or older Decent Quality content Have skype If your interested then comment your skype details down below!
  11. M

    Gaming Looking For people who want to collaborate on Computer

    Hello my YouTube Channel Name is MaLlyd, I'm 13, and looking for anyone who wants to play computer games together. I'd prefer Minecraft or Agar.io because I don't have much money of my own in my wallet ( I got Minecraft for Christmas) and would prefer to stick with games I already own. Things...
  12. ICEMonk717

    Gaming [Minecraft] Team Unite - The Return!

    Hello Everybody, My Name is Jack or ICEMonkHD (ICEMonk717 on yttalk) and today I bring you an opportunity to join me, and some friends in our recording gang on the server Team Unite. The server will have a custom modpack on it, which has been compiled by myself, called Project Omega. The server...
  13. Mr. Mythical

    Gaming Looking For Minecraft Youtubers

    I have a mission for all you Minecraft youtubers! If you would like to collaborate with other fellow Minecraft youtubers, then put in the following below: Age: Timezone YouTube channel: Ign: Skype(Optional):