Gaming Looking For People To Collab With On YouTube

Hello, I'm Nick, I would love to collaborate with genuinely funny people who have a very great sense of humor, and love to have a great, exciting time.

I want to be like a Vanoss 2.0 group, by being the same and different in many ways...

•great friends

•different ideas
•connected to our fanbase more
•bigger group

I'm striving to search for people that love having a great time with humorous jokes, and can be stupidly hilariously entertaining.

I'm a very good editor and I can make your thumbnails and channel arts.

If you watch FaZe
You would know what the FaZe house is...
Well I wanna find trustworthy people who want to get a house that is like the FaZe house.

There isn't really any expectations to be in my group except for...

You have to be exciting and very connectable, like easy to talk with and laugh with.

You have to be over 14
I don't want little kids like 10 year olds on my YouTube channel lol
Just saying

You can be a Male or Female.

You can't argue about everything, you can't be demanding or bossy, you can't assault people, or harass.

Everyone should become good friends and stay connected with eachother, get to the point where everyone feels great with eachother, and to the point where we feel like family, like real homies that can trust eachother not to betray eachother (happened to me countless times, I'm skeptical about who to trust, I wouldn't take it personally if you feel like I can't trust you off the start)

I'm willing to take our YouTube careers and push them over the limits.

Gaining subs

Setting goals for ourselves
Example - "I just hit 5k, my goals 10k by next month"

We have to put out good content that matches our sub count, or more
Example - "I have 5k, I'm getting 4K views on every video"
That would be good considering it's more than 80% of your some count
So that means if you have 1mil
You should get anywhere from
800k views - 2mil views

A schedule
Every 1-3 days we have to upload unless it's a special occasion like you're going on vacation or something,
We have to maintain Atleast 1000 views per video to make monetization off of the video
(About 1000 views is 1.27$)
(1mil views is 3,078$)

We have to put out as much good content as possible, that's the key

Good content = daily subs = maintaining our goals = good paying job

It's simple we just have to put our minds to it, maintain our goals, and come up with good, creative ideas that boost our sub count and make us happy

I'm looking for a group of 5-10 people

Playing with about 4-6 of them in each video

I have maybe 2 friends at the moment that are defiantly doing YouTube with me

I play
Grand theft auto
Call of duty (mostly zombies or S&D)
Far cry 4
And some others

I'm planning on playing games on PC also when I get the money for a gaming PC
Such as
Custom zombies

I will also get a ps4 when I start growing on YouTube so that I can be spread across every plat form

Contact me

Skype : nick.somma77
Kik : Dat_Legend_Doe
Xbox GT : Dark Legend Vii

Please contact me if you're willing to Collab with me
I'd appreciate it ;D
This is a very professional article. I agree with you when you wrote about the next vanoss 2.0 group. I would also like to be in a gaming group. My Youtube channel is PuglifeGames and Puglife Vlogs. My xbox one gamertag is DevilRide580. I have halo 5, minecraft, wwe2k16, halo mastercheif collection, roblox, and Gta 5. You can contact me on kik Alexahoyy, here, or instagram Puglife1501 just dm me.
Hey. I'm looking for a group to play with. You can check out my channel and see what you think. Hit me up on Steam if you like it. Rokonacdc.
Hey, I would also like to apart of a gaming group! I primarily make funny moments video but would like to play with more people! You can take a look at my channel if you'd like. My Steam is MSgtDiamond. I hope to collaborate with you in the future!
Hey my name's Trevor from divide and conquer I am a gaming YouTuber who likes to make funny videos and reviews of both VR games and normal games I currently have over 200 subscribers which isn't much I know but I would love to potentially be a part of this group I may be able to help you guys with some YouTube stuff if your interested :)