1. codlags

    Gaming Looking for people to record Fall Guys and other games with!

    Hey my name is Daniel. I run a funny moments gaming channel on YouTube called "codlags". I'm looking for chill people, who speak English & are fun to play games with. I play on PC and play lots of other games: Cod Warzone Gmod Fall Guys Siege Stick Fight CSGO Minecraft Please let me know if...
  2. 3X_

    Gaming funny moments collab people

    we need active people. don't join if you're not going to be able to record at least %70 of the time. also please answer some questions. I'll answer them too. Questions : What is your channel name? NotZUZE What is your discord name and tag? NotZUZE#4847 but definitely join the certified boys...
  3. PhysicsFreak101

    Gaming I wanna make funny moments videos similar to Fitz and Vanoss, PC ONLY

    Hey everyone, it's been a little bit since I posted on here, still looking for people to collab with, I wanna make quality content with others who also strive toward that goal. Please post an answer to all the following questions! Questions : What is your channel name? What is your discord...
  4. PhysicsFreak101

    Gaming PC Funny Moments Recruitments

    I am looking for people who want to grow their channels, and have some fun along the way XD. I have very few requirements, although some of you may find them tough, I can make exceptions! At the end of the day, I kinda just want to make more friends XD. Requirements : Must have been posting...
  5. G

    Gaming PS4 Player Looking for some new guys to Record and Have Fun with!

    Hey guys, I'm GamesLikesFraschy, I now have 76 subs and an elgato to record gameplay on my PS4, Ive been working on videos and getting better at editing, I really wanna get more people to collab on funny moments videos on GTA, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield, and Call of Duty. My group...
  6. M

    Gaming Looking for 18+ year olds to be apart of my YouTube collabs

  7. K

    Where can I find this sound effect that Vanoss used?

    He uses it when someone gets hit or dies. You can find it on this video at 11:48: "GTA 5 Online - Robbing Spree! (GTA 5 Funny Moments, Skits, & Challenge)" Thanks :) Update: Note: The scream, not the "Splat"
  8. K

    Hey! I'm trying to find a funny moments crew...

    Hello! My name is Kyle and I am trying to find a funny moments crew kind of like Vanoss and his friends. I try to stay away from copying Vanoss as much as I can, but the truth is, there is almost nothing that you can do on YouTube that someone hasn't done already. I am a fun person to talk to...
  9. Suprex

    Gaming looking to start a YouTube gaming crew! (PC)

    looking to start a group like The Crew and Vanoss's group. If you're down to make funny videos and have a good time just hmu on discord or skype. (preferably discord) Must be at least 16 years and up. I have many games that you may have as well. Thanks! Skype - y0_react Discord- Suprex#9646
  10. H

    Gaming PC Group

    Hey guys, I'm starting a PC group to record and get funny moments(similar to Vanoss and Speedy). Will be playing GTAV, PUBG, rocket league, csgo, cards against humanity, and many more. I just started YouTube so I have no subscribers, likewise I don't care how many you have. I want to find...
  11. DTay Chaos

    Gaming Looking for a group of funny Ps4 Gamers!

    I have 500 Subs Games I have: - Overwatch - Friday The 13th - Rocket League - Infinite Warfare - J-Stars - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Must have a mic that sounds good Can record on certain days and time 16+ Channel must have at least 100+ subs (For helping eachother grow purposes) My Psn...
  12. Suprex

    Gaming PC Gaming Group!

    Looking for YouTubers over 16 to make funny videos with. Videos like Vanoss and Speedy but maybe better ;p Requirements: - 16+ no one younger. - good mic - subs DONT matter - willing to play and record most of the time. - dont get butthurt and just be genuine, Be yourself. Games: CSGO GMOD...
  13. I


    Hey guys. Got no time to explain but just need friends and funny/creative peeople for cod ww2. Im trying to make cod ww2 funny videos like vanoss did in bo2 back in 2012-2013. Mostly to mess around and get things like funny killcams, kills, deaths, montages and anything funny whether it requires...
  14. Suprex

    Gaming Starting a YouTube Gaming Crew! (Mainly PC)

    I am looking for some aspiring YouTubers who are looking to form a Gaming Crew somewhat like KYR SP33DY and Vanoss's groups. I am looking to become partners as well as friends. Mainly looking for somewhat funny people who are over the age of 16 and have good mic quality ( no background noise...
  15. I


    Hey guys :D my name is Apace and im 15. Im looking for funny and creative people on pc. I have both skype and discord and have a good mic. Would love if you can be in my age category, funny, creative, and have a descent mic. I play on pc and play gmod. Looking to expand in more games in the...
  16. Alex Lentz

    Gaming Possible Collaboration?

    Aight, so I'n looking to grow my channel big time. but i figured with the video style I'm going for, I would need a group of people to record with. Just so you're not confused, I'm aiming at a style similar to vanossgaming. I'm currently only limited to xbox one but I will soon upgrade to PC...
  17. Alex Lentz

    Gaming Looking for collab partners!!!

    Im looking for a group of funny people to some funny moments! Mainly Vanoss or SovietWomble styled videos Im a small channel, but this is the exact opportunity for me to grow! I will collab with anyone no matter the subscriber count but they have to at least be 16 years and up. If you are...
  18. I

    Gaming Looking for friends to record on PS4 (like Vanoss)

    Hey guys. Im a small YT channel with like 100+ subs and I am looking for a team to play with and have fun in games like GTA 5 and bo3 for now. Looking to expand when WW2 comes out. I already have like 2-3 people and would like to get as many as I can. I would love it if we can have fun like...
  19. Suprex

    Gaming Looking to collab and make new friends! (PC Only)

    Looking to make a group of friends who are somewhat funny and unique. We can play Garry's Mod, WaW Zombies, Gang Beasts and whatever else. Also would be fun to make some funny before video skits. Please Reply to this thread if interested. Thanks!
  20. Anibal


    Hey guys im making this group for people who have the passion to create content .In this group i am making we will be playing on PS4 and record funny moments. If you meet the requirements then feel free to leave your skype and psn down below 1.14+ 2.Have a decent mic recording and editing...
  21. WinterstrikegamingYT

    Gaming (PC ONLY) Funny Moments Group Join here!

    Hey whats going on guys!Today I have decided to start a new funny moments group with my friend.If you guys watch the Vanoss crew and have had dreams to do the same as them then look no further because here it is.If you play on PC ONLY then here is the chance to make that dream come true.If you...
  22. N

    Gaming Looking For People To Collab With On YouTube

    Hello, I'm Nick, I would love to collaborate with genuinely funny people who have a very great sense of humor, and love to have a great, exciting time. I want to be like a Vanoss 2.0 group, by being the same and different in many ways... -Similarities •comedic •entertaining •enjoyable •great...
  23. WinterstrikegamingYT

    Gaming Vanoss 2.0 Group(PC ONLY)

    Hey whats going on guys!Today I have decided to start a new funny moments group with my friend.If you guys watch the Vanoss crew and have had dreams to do the same as them then look no further because here it is.If you play on PC ONLY then here is the chance to make that dream come true.If you...
  24. I

    Gaming 15 year old Muslim Funny Moments Youtuber looking for collabs on PC or Xbox one. Long term group idm

    Hey guys I'm a UK based British Pakistani kid looking for collabs for funny moments vids! Before you ask for free curry (which I do distribute dont get me wrong) go check out my channel and if them types of vids look good to you hit me with a reply or comment on one of my vids. Im looking for...
  25. WinterStrikeGaming

    Gaming Making a funny moments group

    Hey whats going on guys i am starting this new funny moments gaming group for new channels or channel that want to grow like me.I play on ps4 and pc but you MUST HAVE BOTH to join this group because i don not want to exclude anyone because of what system or console they have.Lately i have been...
  26. ItzSavage

    Gaming Need A Group Of Friends Like - VanossGaming, Robust N Others!

    So I've recently deleted my old youtube channel, which had 450+ subscribers on it , and Most of my friends are Call of Duty Competitors, so they don't like fun or funny stuff. I'm looking for new friends that would love to participate in doing funny things, also the fact that I make Funny...
  27. Kxmier

    Gaming Ps4 Group Collab ( Must Be a funny person)

    I'm 15 yrs old I have a Ps4 and i'm looking to collaborate with people current subs - 52 current views - 514 Email- Psn- Matrix_Central Games i have- Rainbow 6, Gtav, Bo3, The Division, BFH, and Minecraft (lol) Main Requirement - Must have above 50 Subs and decently...
  28. X

    VanossGaming Keep Her Going

    Hey, I remember seeing a video of Vanoss making a song/rhyme about keep her going. The second to last sentence rhymed on the last sentence: Keep her going. I think he said keep her going 3 times at the end. Could anybody please help me find this video?
  29. PossiblyMeadows

    Gaming Who Wants To Join A Team??

    Hey everyone! My name is Meadows and I am looking for people to join my team Hidden. We are a call of duty team and almost at 200 subs and are looking for anyone to join. If you want to join as editor/designer you must be atleast decent. We are very serious when it comes to our team. Contact me...
  30. Michael Cayabyab

    Gaming Any funny PC/PS4 Gamers out there who want to collab?

    Can you edit and make fantastic thumbnails? Are you ready to collab and grow your YouTube channel like a potato growing roots? You've came to the right place! What I'm looking for: Sub count: Who tf cares? Age: No limit Games: Any with co-op or multiplayer Equipment: PC or PS4 and as long as I...