I Love YTtalk
Hi I am doing a series on playing with different gaming YouTubers.

Requirements are:

  • It doesn't matter how many subs you have
  • PC and PS4 only
  • Message on my channel because if you up to it.
  • I have Discord and Skype but I rarely check those.
  • The style is inspired by Game Grumps and TheSw1tcher go all out in the commentary
  • Don't doesn't matter if you have a good mic along we can play together.
Note : After you done with the collab I will link you channel, website and social media in the description. If you have any question or concerns let me know
i cant leave message on your channel because you don't have tabs or discussion on, other then that i would like to collaborate. How do you feel about playing its a intersting game youtubers are playing.