Gaming Need a good commentator for Gaming on a Budget


Message me if you need anything :)
BudgetGamers is looking for someone who is knowledgeable in gaming and can do our weekly segment known as "Gaming on a Budget". I was thinking, we could have a once a week series that is around a minute and 30 seconds that highlights games going on sale, new free to play games, and ways to get popular games for cheap.

We need you to have

-An energetic voice
-A decent mic
-The ability to find information and put it together
-The ability to commit

Commitment is huge. We don't want someone to back out. This series needs someone who can do this every week. It is a short segment, only requires your voice and ability to research. However if you think commitment may be an issue, let us know. We may have more than one person for this, in case of issues.

We will require you to prepare a quick 1 minute recording of you talking about a game and your opinion on it. That will be your audition. We will get back to you on if you're accepted within the day you submit the audition.

My skype is BMFChaos. Please message me if interested.