1. JayPlaysOfficial

    OOHHH GOD NOOOO!! | Darth Santa

    Hello everyone, my name is JayPlaysOfficial and welcome back to another video!
  2. K

    Commentary Looking for a commentating channel with at least 600 sub

    So I am just looking to make a Collab with someone with at least 600 subs preferebly my size or even better bigger than me. You must get at least 100 views a video, 15 likes and 20 comments. That's it. My email: Also tell me the moment you contact me so I know because I...
  3. Brenden

    Gaming Need a good commentator for Gaming on a Budget

    BudgetGamers is looking for someone who is knowledgeable in gaming and can do our weekly segment known as "Gaming on a Budget". I was thinking, we could have a once a week series that is around a minute and 30 seconds that highlights games going on sale, new free to play games, and ways to get...
  4. G-Legend

    Gaming Looking for a gaming commentator to collab with

    I play BO3 and Destiny and am a commentator on the Youtube space. Also I play Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2 (when they come out). I make informative videos to help others become better players. I'm trying to find someone who makes similar content and wants to collab on one or a few videos. Maybe...
  5. Scurvy

    I need feedback on my latest video!

    Hey, I recently uploaded a video on my channel about a game called League of Legends. Everyone uploads gaming content these days and most people are bland. If you notice anything bad about the video such as boring parts, high/low volume, etc, please let me know. Also, I'm aware I don't upload...
  6. JoyFox

    So I Just Hit 100 Subscribers...

    Oh hello there... I am JoyFox like many of you I am a Youtuber. Yesterday I hit 100 subscribers on my new channel that had videos on it for only ONE month. That's pretty sick. I have been growing so fast lately and its dope how I see comments of people saying that they love my videos. I upload...
  7. Vycemor

    Gaming Looking For Positive Super Energetic Youtuber Commentator! To Co-Op!

    What's Up In Your Head Everyone My Name Is Vycemor And... I don't like to take youtube as much of people these days take it like if it was a competition to see what person haves more subscribers and views and by saying this I'm not saying I don't want a public or people who enjoy my content but...
  8. TheViralKing

    200 Subs in 5 Videos!!!

    I am so excited that i have hit 200 subs right before the uplaod of my 5th video, insane guys love the support *edited by Staff*
  9. TheViralKing

    Gaming Looking for Black Ops 3 Youtubers or Streamers!!!

    What is up people, i am Dominic aka TheViralKing i am a 20 year old Belgian guy (but don't worry i speak good english) and i am looking for people to collaborate and network with i personally own Black Ops 3 on PS4 and PC so if you are on those then feel free to add me PSN: TheViralKing PC...