Gaming Pixel League Season 2! (PC) OPEN TO ANYONE!

How Far Could You Get?

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Oct 7, 2015
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Pixel league season 2 is looking for new players! Anyone who enjoys Pokemon or Mine craft will enjoy this. Pixel League is an open mine craft server with lots of Pokemon running around to catch, train and battle with, me and the other server mod have also created Pokemon gyms to battle and collect badges! If you collect enough you can then qualify for the finals at the end of the server :) Collab with others in the server or be a lone wolf it's up to you. You can also hop on or off when you want! We have around 8 people up for it so far and it will start as soon as we get 10+ people so come join in :) watch season one on my channel if you want an idea of what it is like! add me on Skype if you have any questions... mrmepeters