DSLR or Webcam for splitscreen multicam music lessons and splitscreen skype?


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Hi everyone,

I am a music teacher and I'm wanting to begin offering my lessons via Youtube and also Skype, I currently don't have any streaming/recording equipment and I'm really wanting to make sure I buy the things that will do what I need.

I will be mainly teaching guitar and I'm wanting to have a 3 way split screen that can be shown simultaneously: a full body shot and a close up cam on each hand. I would like to be able to use this setup for recording content to edit later but also to do live 1 to 1 lessons via skype.

Due to the cost, purchasing 3 DSLR's will be far too much money but would something like this idea work and what would the results be like from mixing DSLR and Webcam footage?

1x Cannon T5 or T6s or 77D
2x Logitech C920 or C922

Have them all running in to OBS to create the splitscreen then use this footage to edit or run into Skype.

Webcams will connect via USB but I have never used a DSLR as a webcam, I see it can be done but is it advisable and cost effective?

Any suggestions/help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

I have no idea on streaming.

Depending on the time and way you will use the cameras though,
you have to research and consider power issues (battery / mains supply),
overheat issues (with dslr's),
audio quality issues (again with internal dslr mics)
and mounting options (extra cost for tripods etc).
Also, I am not sure if you can run three instances of EOS utility for 3 dslr's in the same computer.
You can try asking directly at OBS forum for this kind of specific question maybe...

After your first succesful multicam live, you will realise that the pain is pairing and editing all those GBytes of footage!
hahaha! Have in mind that FCPX and Premiere have some support for multicam sync and also there is
Plural Eyes software from Red Giant that synchronises everything (footage and audio files) by sampling the audio.