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Right away im gonna say I dont care about subs and views but need to see a lot of effort and potential in videos. If thumbnails are very plain, videos are just cut footage, and channel is just unorganized please dont bother replying. I would like to make OUR crew that is funny time to time (dont have to be funny 24/7 or try to be funny but have our moments.) Please be able to roll off each others jokes so we dont spend playing for 6 hours just to get one minute of actually funny things. Not competitive and its ok if you are but im looking into more funny moments and just lots of jokes with some gaming footage. Age is preffered to be 16 and up but exceptions can be made if you are cool enough. Jokes can be racism, sexist, offensive, I dont Care! Make it offensive to p**s people off lol. If you are quiet, a stoner that has no clue wtf is going on, not trying, or make videos when you dont feel like making videos dont reply. My goal would be to game in natural conditions, play as friends and not force each other to get on when we cannot or dont feel like doing so. Consistency and other rules are to be talked about in the future but feel free to add me on PS4 (Extreemy) or msg me on youtube in dm or just comment on my video so we can talk.
Hi. I'm 20 (hope that's not too old lol)
I would really like to try this group. Have tried to find funny talkative ppl as well.
You can check channel AnnaxGaming if you want to get a clue on what kind of person I am.

But I would prefere us talking in person on ps if that's fine.

Can you add me. My psn is xgamerlol1998
(It's a weird name but my main acc. I can change to another acc (youtube acc) later on if we're gonna continue making videos together :p