1. J

    Gaming Looking for a group of youtubers to make offensive brain dead jokes with on Rainbow Six Siege

    I'm trying to find a group of youtubers to collab with. Must have an offensive sense of humor and not be afraid to make ****** up jokes. Must be 18 or older. We will be recording on pc. IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED AND DONT HAVE AN OFFENSIVE SENSE OF HUMOR THEN DO NOT JOIN THIS THREAD.
  2. I

    Gaming PS4 Comedy Crew

    Right away im gonna say I dont care about subs and views but need to see a lot of effort and potential in videos. If thumbnails are very plain, videos are just cut footage, and channel is just unorganized please dont bother replying. I would like to make OUR crew that is funny time to time (dont...
  3. Spook

    CSGO - Funny Moments - The Goof Troop

    Funny Moments Featuring Ranked CS:GO Players In Their Natural Habitat (SILVER BRACKET) WAKE ME UP INSIDE FT. GOOFY. Hey guys, I'm starting a new series of CS:GO funny moments and would appreciate any and all feedback! Thanks for your time! - Spook (Yellow)
  4. Spook


    What's up, i'm posting to see how many of you goofy goobers would want to be featured in my CS:GO FUNNY MOMENT VIDEOS! My plan is to upload a new video every single week, but more content = more releases! TO SEE IF WE WOULD MESH AND TO WATCH EXAMPLE OF MY STYLE PLEASE CHECK MY MOST RECENT...
  5. Meghan Alex

    Don't Get Offended But I Hate Vloggers

    Okay, so hopefully you read the title. You've had a fair warning. I hate vloggers. Not all vloggers, that would be cruel to stereotype them. I hate most vloggers. I say this, being a comedy vlogger. Okay, so you vlog about your life, right? Why do I care that you went to your grandmother's...
  6. obscurimity

    Happy Trail Mix Podcast (on iTunes too!)

    Happy Trail Mix is a comedy podcast with two guys just shooting the s--t and arguing over current events amongst other things. We are on YouTube, Google Play, and iTunes. The choice of where to listen is yours! Linked is episode 3, but hey, watch whatever you'd like. All support is very...
  7. EndoveneTV

    EndoveneTV - Multiple videos [ NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL ]

    Welcome to my Youtube channel! My name is Endovene, 25 years old and living in the Netherlands. Here I will upload my gameplay videos of various games including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Left 4 Dead 2, Rocket League, Borderlands 2 and many more to come. I will be uploading frequently so...