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Ok, so let me start off by saying I'm looking for Commited people to Collaborate with like myself.

I Started Youtube about 2 months ago, I never actually had a real group to play with, I just played with Random people and so far have been making it. But I'm realizing when I have a Good Idea for a Youtube Video, I Simply do not have enough or anyone to play with and help me make that Video.

Collaborating with other Committed gaming Youtubers will increase our chances of making it up there. Cause' I plan on going all out and I'm not going to quit Youtube after a few months of work, I plan on keep making Content, and to grow as a Channel.

I have an Xbox One, and an alright gaming PC. I'm not planning on playing on the PC and making videos on that yet because I don't own a good enough PC to do that. Anyways, I'm looking for Funny, Comedic People to make Funny Moment Videos with. It can be any game, But for now I have been making a lot of Rainbow Six Siege Funny Moments because I have a lot of good Ideas for that game and I think it's a great game. Anyways, like I said I have pretty much every Xbox One game so I can play most of them.

You have to be around my age, (16-18) If your not It's not a big deal but You have too be somewhat mature and funny as well. No Squeakers though. (Sorry younger kids)

I'd Appreciate If you had a decent to a good Microphone to record with, because Audio Is a MAJOR part of making Videos on Youtube. Also It be great If you were Hungry and you strive to make more Videos, and not slack off and make them only once in a while or once a week or longer than that. Being Consistent Is a big thing as well.

I know I've said A lot of "Requirements" but I think It's very helpful in making a Great Youtube Channel and Collab with any of you guys. I'm a very laid back and Chill guy and I love making Youtube Videos. I don't want you guys to get the wrong Idea from me from this long annoying Text on this Thread.

I hope I get to meet and have a Great Collaboration with some of you guys! Thank you for Reading this long post.

Also My YOUTUBE Channel is: Anthonypit1Gaming (It won't let me post the link in the post for some reason)
Anyone who's serious, please go to my channel to see what kind of Content I make. I would post the Link but it's not letting me. Sorry

Anyways, Check it out and let me know what you think, Thanks! :)

To Contact me, Please send me a message on my Youtube Channel, or Send me an Email at:
im down love rainbow six siege two would love to get back into it ,im 14 tho but I don't think im squeaky lol just add me on xbox if you need some extra players for a vid gt=LETHAL MARINE13 yup I know made it when I was 7 you can stop laughing now haha
I'm interested. I'm 15 with a decently low voice so, no squeaker here. Add me on Xbox: BourbonOverdose: and maybe we can do some vids.
Yo bro i want to collab with you on xbox one,games gta,bo3,minecraft if you want to collab Skype me My name is Deshade Hd and add me on xbox one as well Gamertag:xLocketx41
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