xbox one collaboration

  1. A

    Meet Up/Gathering XBOX USERS WANTED

    Hey guys im kieran im 25 looking for some cool people to come along and collaborate and have fun i have a full time job and on most night to record ive been recording rainbow 6 gta 5 ark (got my own server boosted) sea of thieves minecraft and alot more but there the mains ones i play if you...
  2. Gingican Games

    Gaming Looking for Xbox one collaboration!

    Hey I'm looking for people to collab with and have funny moments with. I have a lot of different games I play and am willing to collab on. It will be fun and can help use grow our channels! It would be awesome if it could be a couple people!
  3. iSwune

    Gaming NBA 2K17 XBOX One Collarboration

    So I have a YouTube channel of over 400 subs and am trying to find new ways to grow. So i figured, why not try a collaboration. So if you have a YouTube channel, play NBA 2K17 and are on XBOX One, lets do a collaboration. I play online ranked match (Play Now Online), pro am, mypark, and will be...
  4. DoctorBlue99

    Gaming Looking for XB1 regular collabing partner/group

    Hi guys! First of all hope you're all doing awesome but today I wanted to say that I'm looking for a friend(s) who I can regularly collaborate with on Xb1 and not just a one off thing. I'm 18 so I prefer if you're around my age, and you need to be able to access skype and have a decent mic. I...
  5. Dank_Lounge

    Gaming Looking for a group of youtubers on xbox one (GTA 5 FUNNY MOMENTS)

    Yo whats up!! I'm 15 and my channel has 51 subs and 3.5k views!! If you're interested plz email me at but you have to meet these requirements Must be 13 or older Must have Xbox One Must have GTA 5 Must have decent mic Must have skype Channel must have more than 10 subs...
  6. Thundr

    Gaming Xbox 1 collab?

    Hey guys! I'm 17 and have a funny gaming channel with 100 subs. I want to find a group of people who love making videos as much as I do on Xbox! Contact me at:!
  7. M

    Gaming Halo 5, 1v1

    Hello, I would like to have a 1v1 collab with someone. There aren't really any requirements except for a shoutout. I would just lika a good old 1v1 without any talking or any kind of communication. My channel currently has 37 subs
  8. Anthonypit1Gaming

    Gaming Looking For a Gaming Collaboration Group! (Xbox)

    Ok, so let me start off by saying I'm looking for Commited people to Collaborate with like myself. I Started Youtube about 2 months ago, I never actually had a real group to play with, I just played with Random people and so far have been making it. But I'm realizing when I have a Good Idea...