Gaming Looking for a Collab Crew for some weekly fun (mainly golf with friends or cards against humanity)


Hi, I've already posted here before but, I'm both on console and now high-end PC. I just got it recently so I can play any game. Reason I'm doing this is because my channel needs to stay up hand between editing videos I capture (on the ps4) compared to ones we can simply record on pc like cards againt humanity or golf with friends. Such popular games could be good notice towards your channels :). Wanting a well mature and can have humor crew willing to play either of these game on a weekly basis. PLEASE NO SQUEAKERS! Roughly looking for people around my age of 19 yrs old. if your close to there or prove yourself that your young with a deep voice or something haha. I'm more willing to take it on board. If you would like to join in, all I need is a skype name (no I dont have discord) your channel and how often do you upload (very important).

Cheers mates,
P.S I'm an Aussie which my time measures in AEST, if you do live somewhere else I"m the best with staying up extremely late just for fun.
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Me and another guy are putting a gaming / comedy group together if you are interested. Kind of inspired by Vannos. If you fancy it or just playing to see how things go let me know
thank you guys for replying, this is awesome! Would love to do a cards game? if possible this coming few days (not sure when) AEST. @TheMikeyDYT I've sent you a skype request. @TheJoshBatesVlogs Hit me up!