collab channel

  1. Chicken Tendies

    Channel Re-Branding

    So I have plans to rebrand and Re-name my channel, problem is that I am having trouble finding a better name. I need to find that good 2-3 syllable name because i need it to be a memorable name. As funny as it is Chicken Tendies isn't very memorable. Suggestions or any advice would be great...
  2. S

    Short Film Collab Channel Auditions!!!

    Want to be on a sak channel?? Audition For Seven Musical Skitters at our channel: Seven Musical Skitters You Can Reuse The Audition You Made For Seven Awesome Kids etc.! More Info: We are a collab channel starting up where you have to do a video every tuesday etc. the creative director (me)...
  3. Michael Pellegrino

    Other Collab Channel Seeking Members!!

    Think of tana Mongeous collab channel trash, thats the type of collab channel my friend Alex and I are looking to create. We are looking for around 5-7 members who are all charismatic, active, and get along well with other youtubers. Were looking for people we can be friends with but also work...
  4. dlrothwell


    Hey guys! If you're interested in being a part of a collab channel then check out my video on my channel! All details and requirements are found on there!
  5. dlrothwell


    Hey guys! I'm starting a collab channel up and I'm looking for people to audition! all info can be found on my video on my channel dlrothwell or if you have questions ask away!
  6. R

    Other Looking for tech youtuber that wants to collab!

    Hello, im a Apple technology youtuber with 320+ subs, I am looking for someone else who does a similar thing to me and we could collab, please ask any questions thx
  7. I

    Gaming Looking for People to Collab with on PC

    Hey thanks for stopping by and reading this. Im new to youtube and just looking for some friends to make some funny videos with! Im only looking for a few things: 1.Good Mic and Recording Environment 2.No one Younger than 15 please. 3. A proper name for your channel (not like Fretch6969) 4...
  8. caliInfinite

    Other Collab Anyone?

    Hello I'm Cali, A gay boy and I am looking for anyone that would like to collab on something. My brain is open to any ideas, thoughts, and reason. You can get a hold of me via email- I am not a fan of gaming though so I will not do a collab on that. The link to my...
  9. ImQualified_

    Other LA Youtubers?

    Looking for youtubers across los angeles that would be down to collab with me! I am from los angeles obviously lol, so if you are down to film hmu, as i make cinematic videos with drone footage! it's super dope hmu on twitter! @MrQualified_
  10. TacosOfDoom


    Email me at I am a serious YouTuber my grind is not gonna stop. Must be 13+ of age Must have active subs Depending on who is bigger on YT I would be willing to play any game on any New Gen console or PC. (Only if you have a larger channel) I am 17, I have a great since of...
  11. S

    Vlog collab channel openings

    hiya! it's daryl again. i'm a collab channel on youtube called "future rebels" and we have 3 openings in the channel. the only rules to join are: 1) you need to be consistent, aka posting weekly. 2) you have imessage so you can be added to our groupchat. if you'd like to be apart of the...
  12. Sophia Laird

    Other Starting collab channel

    Im a small youtuber thats been making videos for about a year now. Lately i havent been posting as much as i would like so hopefully starting this collab channel will inspire me to not only make 1 video a week for the collab channel but also for my own. Im looking for 6 people. 1 person to post...
  13. ogelove

    Other I want someone to collab with,am into Entertainment and beauty

    hey great youtubers ,my channel is all about Entertainment and new just like a week old. looking for great collb to improve my views and sub..... thanks and keep smiling...****cheers***
  14. Minepuns


    Hey fellow viewers Hi guys, I will be collabing my channel with other minecraft players on pc. I would love for the people that want to colab with me to be a very honest channel before you come to email me at and to colab with me you will need to be in discord...
  15. lisset

    Vlog Gap year collaboration. gap collab?

    Hey if any of y'all are seniors taking a gap year and want to make it amazing we should get together and form a collab and name it gap year collab full of 17-22 yr olds kinda like O2l etc
  16. BlackRainReaper

    Gaming Looking for YouTubers to collab with[Mainly PC and PS4 platforms]

    Hello everyone! Im blackrainreaper and Im looking for some let's players. Any games, any systems, preferably a mic. Facecam is optional. I currently have 19 subs. Im looking to move up in the sub ladder and wanting to promote other channels as well as my own. If you are interested, message me...
  17. Tameikame

    Comedy HEY YOU! Wanna collab with me?

    What's up everyone! I make comedic skits/music videos on my channel and was wondering if anyone out there would like to collab. I'm hoping to cross promote with other youtubers who have similar audience numbers (roughly 300+). But if you make great videos and don't have that many viewers, no...
  18. Obed

    Gaming Collab on ps4

    Hi my name is Obed and I am looking for youtubers that want to do a collaboration video. I am looking for people that are funny and can handle jokes sometimes.:) Requirements: Have a channel with +50 subs Need to have a PS4 Age 15+ Games I play: GTA5, Uncharted, Watchdogs 2 and Destiny My...
  19. A

    Other Collab Channel

    Hello, my friend and I are opening a YouTube Collab Channel for learning new languages. Each week will be a new topic and each day of the week will be in different language. For example: Sunday - English, Monday - Spanish, Tuesday - German, etc. To be a part of the Collab channel you have to...
  20. Johndell

    Gaming Looking for Hack n Slash channels to Collab with

    Hey, I'm Johndell (Or AmazingGaming), I started YouTube like a 6 months ago and was looking for someone to collab with to get my channel going. I'm 16 and I'm from Philippines, It doesn't really matter where you're from cause cuz i ain't a picky one.
  21. DivideAndConquer

    Gaming Over 800 Subs and Counting! Looking For Collabs

    Hi my name is Trevor from Divide and Conquer! I am looking for some fellow YouTuber's to do some pc collabs with and maybe we can become friends along the way. :). there are a few rules though. 1. you must have a youtube channel 2. you must have videos on said YouTube channel lol and upload...
  22. Juliana Sabo

    Vlog Collab Channel looking for THREE new members!

    Hello! I'm part of a collab channel called 20Something, and we're looking to add three new members to the crew! A bit about the channel: as the channel name suggests, we're a group of vloggers in their mid-20s. We post Monday-Friday, with a different vlogger posting each day (the days we're...
  23. JoeyCloud


    HI guys im joey im 15 years old and im looking for other people to start a collab channel with maybe 4-8 people male and female. We will make videos each week and keep this channel strong. Also we don't have to be together all the time, we can all just make videos and post it on there you...
  24. Lana Mur

    Beauty/Makeup Collab on Top 5 January favorites

    Hey, guys, I was thinking about filming the January faves for the next week and I would love to collab! I have 26 subscribers which is not a lot since I just got back to my channel last week, but we are here to spread beauty news! E-mail me at Or send me DM to my YouTube...
  25. CharlieBrooke125

    Vlog Looking To Start A Teen Collab Channel!

    Hello There, I am looking to start a teen collab channel 1 because I think it is a good way to help grow channels, and 2 because I want to make some cool youtube friends :) If your unsure of what a collab channel is, There are many videos online explaining it :)...
  26. DrakeVegas

    Comedy Youtube Scripted Virtual Comedy Show

    Hey So I am currently in the process of finishing a virtual collaborative scripted comedy show called "ARTic". I am looking for people to play characters so I can complete it. The show is about this group of friends that go to this fine arts school called "ARTic". I am wondering if anyone would...
  27. SoulBarrier2

    Gaming Gaming Group

    Whats up! i'm trying to form a group of gamers or youtubers whatever you prefer in this we would make collabs like funny moments ,Co-op and other cool things no w if you are interested the only requirements are that you are 17 and up , have a mic and subs do not matter at all and thats it just...
  28. Gill

    Commentary Looking to create a Collaboration Channel

    I'm looking for a wide variety of people. Any Subscriber count. Ages 14-19. Thanks!
  29. C

    Gaming Gta5 collab

    I am a 17 yr old male and i like in texas.I am looking forward to doing a collab with someone with a ps4. Dont worry about having a good mic because mines not great.whoever wants to collab must have gta 5 because we will be playing online.
  30. L

    Gaming Collaborating with any channel size that creates good content

    Hello everyone, I am Dan/Daniel or LemonadeDan. I currently own a small channel with 46 subscribers and I'm hoping to collab with anyone at any size. I mainly make League of Legends content and I aim to just play together, complete challenges etc. My channel name is: LemonadeDan as I'm not...