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  1. S

    Gaming Friends??

    Hello, im a youtube noob, and i was wondering if anyone could do a collab or be a youtube partner with me. Im not very popular an am not planning to be, but its still worth a try. (oh and i do mostly gaming videos)
  2. PainApple

    Gaming Looking for a PC gamer to collab with :)

    Hello!, I'm a small youtuber who thought that it will be awesome to play with another channel and have fun! My channel: channel/UCwsVW4UfWGNLLj2s1wCWOrw I have loads of games and If you are interested to play with me reply this thread with your channel link and with your skype username and I...
  3. I

    Gaming New Collabing Group

    the goal here is to create a decently sized group of people willing to collab with each other at any time. there is no preferred age (im 14 though). I play on pc but that's why I want alot of people in this group so everyone will have atleast one person to collab with on their platform...
  4. B

    Gaming Making Funny Momments Group.. Who wants to join

    Yo, i am looking for a group to record and have some fun times in gaming. Also growing together. I have a channel with currently 92 subs Channel name: j0s3lu1 (search it on youtube because for some reason the link in the thread doesn't work Age: 14 Skype: j0s3luis Steam: josetheidiot Types of...
  5. Tarinitup

    Gaming Looking for Xbox One/PC YouTubers

    Me and a buddy of mine have been wanting to do YouTube for awhile (who doesn't?) and have always come up with the same problem; we need more people! We're looking for people who want to grow as a group and like to have fun once in a while. Sort of like a Vanoss group in the sense that hopefully...
  6. sickvenom

    Gaming pc youtuber group needed!

    Hey guys it's a fellow youtuber sickvenom. I have 634 subs and im looking for youtubers at least 400 or higher. 300 at the least but in this group I want to have fun and we can all be friends. We could play any games from rust,arma 3,gmod,etc. I really want to play gmod darkrp or perp because I...
  7. I

    Gaming PS4 Collaboration

    I'll collaborate with anyone who has a ps4 and a mic. Your channel can be big or small. I dont have the biggest channel. Thats why I'm here. To grow.. I play on ps4. Also my channel is ItzPyro 29 subs. Hit me up if your interested. I ONLY HAVE BLACK OPS 3 FOR PS4 AT THE MOMENT!!
  8. TinnBro

    Gaming COLLAB w/ ME :D

    Someone wants to make a video togerther on the hidden or gmod ?? :D
  9. MythicalTaco

    Gaming PS3 Collab ! No amount of subs.

    So if you want to collab with me.leave your psn down below or Skype ( But you gotta have a mic ). I have bo2, minecraft, battlefield 4, cod ghosts, mw3, fifa 15, and gta 4. Don'nt worry i'm always active and i'll get to you as fast as i can! :)
  10. TristanMartisnow1998

    Happy Monday Guys (:

    I'm looking for a few growing you tubers who would like to help each other grow and give each other honest feedback. I would prefer people in the category of making comedic gaming videos, and would love to meet some of you! leave a comment if you're making a funny you tube channel, and i'll go...
  11. Robsoma

    AddictedGamingUK & friends play Gmod Murder!

    Hi Guys! Please check out my latest vid, where me and some fellow youtubers play some Garry's Mod Murder!
  12. Dylanraadmae64

    Gaming Long Term Collabing. Minecraft,

    I am 13 but, I'm turning 14 in like 2 weeks. I play Minecraft, And would like somebody to play with. I would like to play other games, in the future. My youtube channel is very small and, I just started. But I try my best to post everyday.
  13. Khizer Khani

    Vlog Looking to Collab with people around Toronto, Canada. This is my channel, check it out and if you like it then we should meetup and make videos together.
  14. Jensen Blair


    Hello i would love to collab with someone on a game like BO3, GTA V, MINECRAFT, COD AW, BF4 and more. if you want to collab then in your video you should put my channel link in the description, thanks for reading and to add me on XBOX ONE my GT is ---- JensenBlair ----- thanks guys
  15. wildvideo4

    Gaming Looking for gta5 gamers for ps4

    Looking for gta5 gamers for ps4
  16. TailoredTeen

    Gaming PC Gaming, 17+ Age, Funny Games

    Hey guys, Looking for some people to play with, get to know, and become friends as we play! I'm looking for humorous girls/guys that are 17 years or older. **Need a good mic** Sort of like Jelly, Kwebblecop, and Slogoman or Vanoss's group. I currently play on the PC, GTA V Counter Strike:GO...
  17. FirstOrderEntertainment

    Gaming Collaboration for xbox/PC games

    Hey guys, my name is izaak and I'm the founder of First order entertainment. Currently with few videos and subs I'm trying to find a good video team. First Order Entertainment is an entertainment group ran by me. We do videos for games, news, reviews, anything of entertainment. Requirments...
  18. Asprotrix

    Gaming Gaming group

    Hey you sexy person So I'm wanting a gaming group to do some funny stuff with and record videos together. I'm a PC gamer and sometimes I play on the PS4 (Only to play Battlefield 4 & NBA 2K16). However, I have a busy schedule at the moment due to College and working, but I wanting to start back...
  19. FanoBelmont

    Gaming CoD: Black Ops III Weekend

    Hey guys! I am going to be binging on Black Ops III this weekend. My plan is to do some twitch streaming multiplayer and then edit that for a "best of" video for the first weekend of the game. Let me know if you wanna play together, I'd love to hang out and play with some youtubers that want to...
  20. EpicMynd88

    Gaming Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U Collaboration Matches

    Hey youtubers, If you want to collaborate with me via super smash bros, my NNID is EpicMynd25. We can help each other out. Spread the word!!
  21. H

    Gaming Looking for people to do Ark Survival, Minecraft or Gmod Collab Series with :D

    Hi, I'm just literally starting off on Youtube and just wondering if anyone wanted to join in with a series ill be doing. I only have 2 subs at the min but the channels only being up 1 day so aint to bad haha. Please if interested feel free to reply and ill reply ASAP :D
  22. TheBenjaminCOD

    Gaming Looking for Dutch people on a PS4 to collab!!

    Hello, Im looking for Dutch people to collab with on Playstation 4. Most games that will be played are - BLACK OPS 3 - Older Call of Duty's - GTA5 It would be nice if we can make a team together and upload on eachother channels to get some more attention and fun! Do you have - More than...
  23. W

    Gaming I am just starting and want to do a collab.

    Hi, I am a small gaming youtuber that is just starting and I want to record with some cool people. I play mainly PC games and free indie games. Minecraft, Gmod, Trove, Terraria, Most Indie games,ect. I really just want to make funny videos to make people laugh. And, I am willing to try new...
  24. BlackYettie2.0

    Gaming Hey guys it's your pal Blackayettie

    I am looking to collaborate with other youtubers I'm currently doing a gaming channel its about a year or so old I'm 18 yrs old united States PA if your down to collaborate msg me also my channel is Blackyettie or email me at another email is
  25. The SlowSpawn

    Gaming Halloween Video (World at War Zombies)

    This week id like to record a halloween world at war zombies video with a few modded maps I can send to anyone who wants to play with me via email or dropbox. If you have the game and are around 15 or older (and don't cuss to much) then please message me I know its really late to put this out...
  26. C

    Gaming Looking For a Collab

    I am looking for a collab which we send each other videos to post on each others channels but we send the video to each other and dont tell each other password sso we post it ourselves to our own channels. This is a way of how we can show each others audience what we can do and produce. Thanks
  27. T

    Gaming Looking for a collab partner 500+ subs and good views per video

    looking for a collab partner on xbox one for gta 5 cod or any other popular game! have a good view count per video and good amount of subs leave a comment on how many subs you have and view per video
  28. N

    Gaming Looking to a make a group for PS4 & PC

    Hey guys ive have just restarted my YouTube channel today (last channel had 387 subs) and Im looking for a group to play with. So it's not going to be as big as vanoss or speedy because that is wishful thinking but im looking for a group of guys with the same type of personality to just have...
  29. MoviusMobius

    Gaming Lets Play Some Games Togher!

    Looking for anyone who wants to collaborate with me. I play Minecraft, Gmod, and Unturned. The only real requirement I have is that you need a decent mic. Also I would prefer some who is enthusiastic and fun. Go ahead and add me on Skype if your interested at: MoviusMobius.
  30. AuxiliaryJack

    Gaming Video Games Are More Fun With People

    Looking for anyone interested in a collaboration, We main Xbox 360 but have access to other consoles. Not looking to play anything in particular so were open to suggestions. We live in the lower end of BC, Canada If you wanted to meet up but otherwise we can find a way to make it work, just...