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  1. LastKnownZambie

    Gaming PC Gaming Collaboration !!!! GMOD,CSGO and More !

    Hey there I am the Rob I'am 16. And looking for single women near by..... F*** Wrong Site Hi I am LastKnownZambie looking for people to record with :D I'am 16 Requirements: Good Mic(with no background noise) At least 15 & Up !!!! Have good day !
  2. LaseRain

    Gaming Looking for someone to collab

    Hey. I'm looking for somebody to play with. If you want to record a let's play with me you have to meet those conditions: Age more than 16 Subs 220+ CEST time zone (Europe) Good audio Mature And the most important.. Just have fun playing ;) We can play games: Garry's Mod (the most funny...