hey there you lovely people of tube talks i am Soular and i am looking for you. yes you reading this post to tag along with me on our tube adventures all the way to the top but i want to say this i would you to
*please be 17 and older
*be open to ideas on content and bettering our craft as creators
*please be yourself im going for an image thats not really on youtube and i want you to do the same
*preferably ppl who plays fps and fighting but I'm always open to cool adventure games tbh cool games overall
*meet ppl of all walks of lives around the world idc where you're from just be a great person
I dont have a limit to how many people to collab with just drop your skypes or message me on twitter and we can get to work

Please contact me if your interested leave your psn skypes and twiiters below you can follow me on twitter XoSoular and add my Skype Soular.Lyte

Sincerely, Soular