positive thinking

  1. kellytruethoughts

    What's the best advice for reaching an audience for your specific genre?

    Hi everyone! So, I joined these forums mainly because I am extremely interested in growing my YouTube Channel and reaching a wider audience demographic. But I'm not a gamer per say, or a reviewer, or a critic. I don't do make up or hair tutorials, and I don't do "how to" videos, (although I do...
  2. Soular

    Gaming Tube Ps4 Squad

    hey there you lovely people of tube talks i am Soular and i am looking for you. yes you reading this post to tag along with me on our tube adventures all the way to the top but i want to say this i would you to *please be 17 and older *be open to ideas on content and bettering our craft as...
  3. PositivelyBrainwashed

    Positive Thinking Affirmations Using both Whiteboard 3D Graphics

    Worked really hard on this one. Enjoy :)