What's the best advice for reaching an audience for your specific genre?

Hi everyone! So, I joined these forums mainly because I am extremely interested in growing my YouTube Channel and reaching a wider audience demographic. But I'm not a gamer per say, or a reviewer, or a critic. I don't do make up or hair tutorials, and I don't do "how to" videos, (although I do have a segment of my channel that focuses on cooking original recipes, but that's kind of a side project.) The main thing I do on my channel is promote positive thinking and give advice on how to look at things in a more light hearted way, and also I incorporate original cartoon characters and songs into it as well. I have no idea basically how to categorize myself...and it's kind of discouraging because I am SO incredibly passionate about what I do, and I like that it's different, and all I have ever wanted was to reach an audience that appreciates it and resonates with me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :) Thank you!
Hello Kellytruethoughts,

The struggle is real! So make sure that your tags for your videos include, "Positive thinking" "looking at the bright side" and phrases of that nature,
Also the channel has keywords in the advance settings has no more than 5 to 10 words about your channel, This is different that channel keywords,
You can write as many as you want for the channel keywords,

The reason is so they don't cancel each other out in YouTube algorithm.

Good luck creating!
All genres will have specific interests that people will constantly be searching for. For something like your genre, the first thing that immediately came to my mind is searching YouTube for videos on "how to be happy." Knowing that, your goal as a content creator in your genre is to tackle as many quality videos you can covering that specific interest. Title those content exactly for that keyword (e.g. "How to Be Happy," "How to Be Happy NOW," "5 Tips to Make You Happier," etc). I'm certain people will also search for things like "how to think positively," or "how to stay positive." And don't forget the opposite end of "how to not be negative." Tackle these topics and make sure you properly hit all of these keywords in your tags and titles. That's the best starting point I can give anyone outside of simply creating consistent content.