life coaching

  1. Dave2017

    Life Coaching For Dummies

    Just a short video about this trend called life coaching and why there is NO reason to hire a life coach :)
  2. kellytruethoughts

    What's the best advice for reaching an audience for your specific genre?

    Hi everyone! So, I joined these forums mainly because I am extremely interested in growing my YouTube Channel and reaching a wider audience demographic. But I'm not a gamer per say, or a reviewer, or a critic. I don't do make up or hair tutorials, and I don't do "how to" videos, (although I do...
  3. artiflex

    How to Overcome Addiction - The Key to Overcome Addiction Fast

    I had already made this video, but I didn't like the quality and decided that I need to make a new one. DISCRIPTION Beating addiction is almost not possible if you don't fix the root of your addiction. How to overcome addiction? You have to find the root of your addiction. The root of your...
  4. Robert Squires

    Vlog I'm a motivational speaker and life coach

    looking to collab with people in the nyc area leave me a message let me know you niche
  5. xingcat

    George the Self Esteem Cat: Leap Day

    George is going to spend a day alone, but DOG is leaping for joy at Leap Day. Learn why you should treat yourself extra well on this extra day. Also, there's a bonus blooper with a real cat!