1. P

    Vlog Vlogger from Germany near Bremen

    Auf meinem Channel geht es grundlegend um Vlog und Lifestyle. So nehme ich Euch regelmäßig mit Vlogs durch meinen Alltag mit. Dabei erfahrt Ihr immer die ungeschönte Wahrheit. Außerdem erkunde ich gemeinsam mit meiner Freundin immer wieder neue Städte, die ich auch gerne Euch zeigen und...
  2. A

    Lifestyle Collab

    Hey everyone! My name is Anna Gibbons and I am a lifestyle vlogger on youtuber. I am 22 years old and am looking to collab with other vloggers like me!
  3. FreakoutGames

    Gaming FREE and interesting collaboration to promote your content/video through Mobile Games!

    Hello, We are Indie Game Studio “Freakout Games” and trying to form a network between streamers, youtubers, vlogger, content creators and all type of influencer’s marketing persons. It’s basically a inter-linking kind of marketing/promotion between two entities where we are both promoting each...
  4. Hirudov

    Setting up a blog

    Many fellow forum members are having less than 1000 subscribers and/or less than 4000 hours watch time on their channels, meaning that by the new YouTube Partner Program (YPP) requirements, they will be automatically kicked out of the program on 20th of February 2018. While it is frustrating to...
  5. Vikkiv2

    Is subs4subs worth it

    Hi friends it's just a quick question I wanted to ask you about the youtube subs4subs topic. These days they are so many website offerings these services. I just want to know is that worth it.
  6. kellytruethoughts

    What's the best advice for reaching an audience for your specific genre?

    Hi everyone! So, I joined these forums mainly because I am extremely interested in growing my YouTube Channel and reaching a wider audience demographic. But I'm not a gamer per say, or a reviewer, or a critic. I don't do make up or hair tutorials, and I don't do "how to" videos, (although I do...
  7. ColletteisaBear

    Beauty/Makeup Portland, Oregon Area

    Hi all! I'm jumping back into the YT waters and joining the beauty community. I'm still fairly new to the Portland area, and would love to find some girls that are interested in this same sort of thing. Even if you aren't in the area, chatting would be nice! Basically a friend who will provide...
  8. javacentral

    Do you guys blog? How do you get your blogging name out there?

    So I recently started a blog for my youtube channel and I would imagine it would get me more traffic to the channel but not completely sure. If yall do blog, how do you get traffic to that blog, and in return, to your channel?
  9. Anjim

    No More Gaming Channel

    Hey Yttalk sorry I have not been here for while real life situations but I just want to say I delete my Anjim Plays gaming channel for "unfortunate circumstances" So I decided to put some gaming content on my main channel but I always up for collabs and feedback on my channel. I also created a...
  10. Rocky

    What do you guys like about pranks and vlogs?

    im just curious trying to get ideas on what I should do to help have a bigger audience thanks for opening this!
  11. Rocky

    Review my vlog/ prank channel

    Guys I was wondering how could I reach out to more people out there and get people to subscribe ? And is my content any entertaining? Thanks for feedbacks
  12. Rocky


    i just hit my first 100 views and wow it feels amazing even though it seems little I look at that as an accomplishment and hopefully I could make it even with my subscribers ! Push harder guys because I believe dreams do come true !
  13. K

    Feedback For My Channel?

    Hey guys! I just started YouTube about a week ago and I could really use feedback on my videos I've posted so far. As of now I only have tags and a haul, but I want to expand and do comedic and fashionable videos. If there's any tips or anything I need to work on let me know!
  14. chriskioonegamergang


    HEY EVERYONE, I am a youtuber who has been silent for a while but I'm back now and ready to meet and greet. So talk to me how is the youtube business going for you? Why do you youtube? Talk to me family.
  15. AnnieBean

    Newbie! Need some advice

    Hey there! I am new to this forum and newish to YouTube. I want to make videos people will want to watch but not sure if I am heading in the right direction? Username is anniebeanblog Thoughts, help and any feedback would be ace!