Feedback For My Channel?


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Hey guys! I just started YouTube about a week ago and I could really use feedback on my videos I've posted so far. As of now I only have tags and a haul, but I want to expand and do comedic and fashionable videos. If there's any tips or anything I need to work on let me know!
Hello Keysxo your channel link is not working I couldn't view your channel!


So I did found your channel by searching your name instead!

Im into fashion as well and you seem very sweet so I hope we can be friends? haha

I need to point few things in your video

Videos are long - ideally you want to keep it under 6 minutes so take time editing your videos.

Music - try using a background music that doesnt have vocals. Your voice is soft and sweet and the songs you choose overpower you a lot.

Lighting- filming in front of a window or with lights is ideal in any type of videos especially on your content because you show a lot of products and what not.

hope that helps!
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