1. BestNerdLife

    SUPER CHEAP LootCrate clearance sale | BestNerdLife

    Every so often LootCrate (The Loot Company) has sales on their excess stock, stock that they haven't been able to include in previous LootCrate bundles. So when I got an email informing me that one of those sales was currently underway, I found it hard to not buy a few things.
  2. BestNerdLife

    My haul from the biggest Video Game Market in the UK!

    The Video Game Market that appears every so often at The Dome in Doncaster, UK is one of my most favorite places to find a good gaming bargain. It's the biggest and longest running video game market in the UK and features a daft amount of gaming goodies. Check out my haul in this video!
  3. Courtney Candice

    What I got for Christmas 2018

  4. Courtney Candice

    My first killstar haul

  5. Courtney Candice

    Summer Amazon haul

  6. TeeBry


    Hey guys I wasn't sure what category to put this under so I went with other. Anyways if anyone is interested in manga on this site I often do hauls like the one here. Enjoy :) Also if you make anime or manga related content please get in touch with me! I'm always on the hunt for channels similar...
  7. Courtney Candice

    Hot topic haul

  8. Courtney Candice

    What I got for Christmas Christmas 2017

  9. Courtney Candice

    Huge online HotTopic haul

  10. Brittneytaylorwg

    Haul video review!

    I recently uploaded a spring 2018 haul video and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the way I edited the video, the quality of the video, and if it is worth watching in other people's opinion. Thank you!!!
  11. Courtney Candice

    Hot topic haul #2

  12. Courtney Candice

    Hot topic haul #3

    I went shopping at hot topic and I wanted to share some of the items I bought:)
  13. Courtney Candice

    Hot topic haul #3

  14. Courtney Candice

    Hot topic haul #3

  15. Courtney Candice

    Halloween haul 2017

  16. Courtney Candice

    Vacation shopping haul

  17. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    HECK Gluten Free Chicken Sausages Review #MuscleFoodUK #TweetYourMeat

    MuscleFood Taste testing HECK Gluten Free Chicken Sausages from Muscle Food, MusclefoodUK. A selection on HECK Smokey Paprika Sausages, HECK Zesty Chicken Sausages and HECK Italiano Chicken Sausages. A musclefood review of these new gluten free sausages from the small firm HECK that like to make...
  18. Courtney Candice

    Hot topic haul

  19. LIGHTNiM

    Please watch my K-Beauty Haul video!

    I've entered a contest and it would really help if I got more views and votes! I would also love to get some feedback on your thoughts about my video and hope that if you like Korean cosmetics, that maybe it was helpful to you!!! All it takes to vote for me at StyleKorean is following any of...
  20. Courtney Candice

    Vacation shopping haul

  21. Courtney Candice

    Hot topic haul #2

  22. Courtney Candice

    Hot topic haul

  23. Mr Danny

    Shopping Bag Haul!

    Game-changer right here! In the first of what I believe will be a long series of successful videos, this shopping bag haul will take through some of my favourite shoppig bags EVER! Exclusive access, for free! If you don't take it you definitely don't like a bargain.
  24. Cleo Nash

    Other Looking for Fun Collaborations!

    I'm looking to meet new people through the youtube community, but more so looking to collab with someone with a common channel (which shouldn't be too hard to find since my channel is VERY random :bounce:)! My content consists of challenges, DIYs, health, hauls, talks, cooking, etc. I current...
  25. haley&connor

    Back To School Outfit Ideas :)

    Hope you enjoy! :)
  26. dartropolis

    I just posted my beauty haul- what do you guys think?!

    Hello Lovely People! I just uploaded my first fashion and beauty haul- I was incredibly nervous about uploading it, but if you fancy it then give it a quick watch and let me know what you think! Check it out, my channel name is dartropolis I hope you're all having a fantastic day, Darcey x
  27. MistyEmma


  28. BzTv


    COME THRIFT WITH ME...I'm back with thrifting and tons panic and anxiety about filming in public!! I found some other gifts and unique things that I was in need for!! Hit that like button and Don't forget to join my journey by SUBSCRIBING!! Love you all!
  29. Steflouise

    Gerard cosmetics haul June 2016

    new video is up for the week. My mini haul on the Gerard cosmetics website thanks for watching xoxo
  30. incrediblyizzy

    Beauty/Makeup Lifestyle/Beauty Collab. Partner Wanted

    So, i've never collabed before, but since I am growing my channel, I decided to try doing a collab. video and possibly become friends afterwards. I create lifestyle/beauty/fashion etc. type videos on my channel and if you do too and are interested, message me here, on my YouTube channel, or...