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Cleo Nash

I'm looking to meet new people through the youtube community, but more so looking to collab with someone with a common channel (which shouldn't be too hard to find since my channel is VERY random :bounce:)! My content consists of challenges, DIYs, health, hauls, talks, cooking, etc. I current reside in the Bay Area but I'd be willing to meet with anyone in Sacramento as well. BUT if you are farther than that, and still want to collab, I am willing to find a way to make it work!

Thanks for taking the time to read this :thx:
Hey! On my channel I do DIY's hauls and stuff like that too. I'd be totally down for being youtube friends and doing long-distance collabs! I know I'm kinda late to this post but if you're interested email me officialjbg16@gmail.com !!!

@Megan Lanice

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