1. Eigard_Family

    Hey Everybody, From the Eigard Family!

    Hey Everybody! We are the Eigard Family, we are a newer channel that posts videos including challenges, pregnancy updates, daily vlogs, and soon to come makeup tutorials. We would appreciate all the support we can get. We will be doing GIVEAWAYS in the near future! Come be a member of The Eigard...
  2. T

    Meet Up/Gathering Any Alabama youtubers? (Collabs)

    Looking for Alabama youtubers to collab with!
  3. Chanse Cattell

    Vlog Anyone from Southern California wanna collab?

    I do vlogs and I like car stuff. I also do challenges. Let me know!
  4. P

    100 Subscribers accepted

    Hello giys my name is Philipp im 19 Years old, and i Have aproved 100 subs on my YouTube channel on 4 weeks. Im from Germany, and i recorded vlogs about my life in Germany, you can see the problems in Germany and the best site. But i uploaded challenges with me and my grildfriend to. Look here...
  5. cuteigcouples

    Copyright laws for cover version of song

    Hey Everyone! So for our intro song we used someone cover of a popular song. We tried contacting her to get permission to use it but we haven't heard back from her. We put a link to her song and her youtube channel in the description so she can get credit for it. My question is would we still...
  6. cuteigcouples

    KrisLovesKezia- review our new couple channel!

    Hello, We were just wondering if we could get some feedback on how our channel is set up and the youtube videos that we posted already. Our channel is mainly going to consist of challenges, dares, and overall random things that we do together. None of it is scripted and we both just go with the...
  7. cuteigcouples


    Hello, We're KrisLovesKezia. A new youtube couple who enjoy doing challenges and dares. We have a ton of ideas that involve going against another couple so please contact us if you are interested! Thanks
  8. OskarGvlogs

    Vlog Anyone want to Collab ? (Online or in Person)

    Hey guys I've only just started Youtube and i would love to Collab with someone either to do a challenge or meet up in person and do something cool. I'm from Northern Ireland so if there are any youtubers who want to meet up somewhere near i'd be happy to do so. Unfortunately I've only...
  9. Narelle

    Comedy Any youtubers out there located in Perth, Australia

    Hai fam, I was just wondering if there are any small youtubers out there who are located in perth western australia who would like to collab with me in doing challenges? if so please message me or reply to this thanks
  10. T

    Prank ideas on boyfriend?

    Anybody know any SUPER good prank ideas to pull on my boyfriend? Something crazy lmao suggest anything nothing is a bad answer! Thanks guys !!
  11. Hubazuba

    Does any one have stupid challenges

    Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you had any challenge ideas I could use for my 100 sub milestone. I want something pure stupid, very painful, but something won't be miserable for more than a week. Something like the Ice bath challenge but more creatively stupid and original.
  12. T

    Challenge ideas or any other video ideas for a couple channel

    My boyfriend and i have a channel called Tressa and James. We need challenge ideas or just video ideas in general. Preferably videos that don't require a lot of supplies because we are tight on money. Please comment any suggestions you have. Thanks!!
  13. T

    Challenge and prank ideas?

    My boyfriend and I have a YouTube channel called Tressa and James. We do pranks, vlogs, challenges and more. We’ve run out of ideas for challenges so we’ve just been doing reaction videos but they aren’t getting many views AT ALL. People love when we post challenges. If anyone has and challenge...
  14. SoccerBrosTv

    Meet Up/Gathering Anyone wants to Collab doing Soccer Challenges?

    SoccerBrosTv are looking for people to collab with in the South Florida area. I think it will help both if we collab with other. We Soccer challenges w/ punishment. Will anyone be down to join in?
  15. SoccerBrosTv

    Please help!

    We need new ideas for our Soccer YouTube challenges! What can we do? What punishment can we do to get views? Please help us out!!
  16. SoccerBrosTv

    Other Interviews/Podcast? Soccer Collabs in South Florida?

    Hello are there anyone who is still doing podcast or interviewing small youtube channel? SoccerBrosTv is at 1K subs and 2K total views in one month. Anyone wants to be in our video from South Florida?
  17. SoccerBrosTv

    NEED IDEAS...!!!

    Hey, SoccerBrosTv needs some cool ideas and punishment for next couple videos!!! Any soccer challenges (Not difficult) that'll get us views and subs? Also, we where thinking changing our channel around doing some random challenges other than soccer! Please help us out!!
  18. Jeffrey Saldana

    Vlog Any vloggers around san bernardino, rivererside or even los angeles looking to collab contact us.

    Looking for any type of collab not to distant from us to help grow each others channels. If you have any ideas or questions contact us so we can figure it out together and develop a better understanding.
  19. Breana

    Comedy Comedy skit/Rant Collab

    Hey everyone! Ive been wanting to expand my audience and meet new small youtubers to collab with for the longest! I do comedy skits, rants, challenges etc on my channel and i was looking for anyone who might be interested in collabing with me on any of those 3 with me :) i have 214 subscribers...
  20. Rolz

    Guessing Anime with Memes???

    Hey guys, if you enjoy anime and memes then check out my latest video! If you enjoy anything anime or tech related be sure to check out my channel :) Thank you and thanks for watching! :bounce: Help me reach my goal of 200 subs! :bounce: :help:
  21. XxPoisnous_KissxX

    Youtube Collab Channel Name?

    Hello everyone! Thanx for reading this, I have a channel and need to change the name, I was originally going to do just gaming videos with a friend of mine. When we decided to not only do gaming videos, but vlogs, challenges, DIY's, Compilations, and other videos of the such. Also, my name is...
  22. KizKaz

    Editing really does take hours!!

    Hello everyone! We've recently just made a YouTube channel and I can safely say editing takes so, so long! As we put a lot of time and effort into our videos (as does everyone else) we are hoping to post 1 video every week. Being newbie YouTubers, we would really appreciate if you could head...
  23. WWKD 2

    10,000+ views

    I am so happy to announce that we have reached our first 10,000 views on our channel a few days ago. It may not be much but I know we have a lot more room to grow to our goal by the end of this year 1 million views by December of this year. I know it's a stretch but we have a lot more to come to...


    I don't think I need to go back to Walmart for a long time.
  25. M


    Hey guys, I am new in this forum and this is my first thread lol. My name is Gina and I live in Germany. Currently I am looking for people to do collabs with. I have a few ideas for funny Youtube challenges so if you are between 14-18 years old (I am 17) and you want to join... just email me...
  26. Cleo Nash

    Other Looking for Fun Collaborations!

    I'm looking to meet new people through the youtube community, but more so looking to collab with someone with a common channel (which shouldn't be too hard to find since my channel is VERY random :bounce:)! My content consists of challenges, DIYs, health, hauls, talks, cooking, etc. I current...
  27. Ajaxcentral

    How to gain more subscribers?

    Right now I have 10 subs and by the end of this year I would want to have 1000+ subs. I make gaming videos and also I will start doing challenges. What is the quickest way?

    Comedy Collabs in the RALEIGH / NORTH CAROLINA AREA

    We're looking for anyone who may be close to Raleigh NC to collab with us. We do pranks, challenges, toilet paper forts, and a lot more. Check out our channel to see if you'd be interested! If you're interested let me know and we can decide on what to create/where to go from there. I have lots...


    Hey guys! I just wanted to share that we recently hit over 200 subscribers in about a month or so! Our channel is about my wife and I doing hilarious pranks, challenges, toilet paper forts, vlogs, and random awesomeness. As of this moment we're sitting at 225 subscribers and have big plans...
  30. Pedroseph

    How are my challenge ideas?

    Hi guys, So I've posted in a few different areas of this forum and it's turning out to be my favourite one! I am an entertainment based channel who does pranks, challenges, giveaways and little sketches/short films. Today I'd like to focus on my challenges. The challenges that I do on my...