Tressa Thomas

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My boyfriend and I have a YouTube channel called Tressa and James. We do pranks, vlogs, challenges and more. We’ve run out of ideas for challenges so we’ve just been doing reaction videos but they aren’t getting many views AT ALL. People love when we post challenges. If anyone has and challenge ideas please let me know!!
Challenges are hard to think of....but after sitting on this page for hours I've thought a few that are harmless (mostly) and could be fun. Hope it helps.

1. How long can you keep your arm in a bucket of ice. Last one in wins!
2. How many marshmallows can you fit in your mouth while saying "chubby bunny,"?
3. Have water in mouth. Other person tells jokes. Whoever keeps water in mouth longest wins.
and lastly which you need to be careful on this one...
4. Whoever can stay in a completely haunted place at night the longest wins. (Tunnels, ghost towns, abandoned houses, maybe even mines if it looks safe but not recommended.)

If I think of more I'll let you know. But these are some I found online throughout my Youtube experience and figured you both would be interested. Best of luck!